How to Access Cloud Storage on Xbox One

The Xbox Live subscription provides a Cloud Storage to all gamers to save their game on the go. By using cloud storage, anyone can save their game and play it on multiple consoles. It’s an amazing feature that you gets with Xbox One console. Here’s we will show you, how to access cloud storage on Xbox One.

A game that gets saved on cloud storage will also get saved on Xbox live servers.  Especially, when you start using other Xbox console, you can start the game where you left of.  Once you leave, the Xbox server will save all of your progress on the cloud storage.

How to Access Cloud Storage on Xbox One

To Access the cloud storage on your Xbox One, you have to complete the setup. After setting up, you will be ready to start using the Xbox Live server’s Cloud Storage.

Here’s what you will need to access the cloud storage.

  • An Xbox Live Gold or general Xbox Live account of yours.
  • A stable internet connection connected to your Xbox One console.
  • Minimum 514 MB(Megabyte) space on your Xbox One.

Those are the mandatory elements to turn on cloud storage on your Xbox One. Make sure you have Xbox Live account signed into your console. Configure the network connection properly with a router. Lastly, check if you have the minimum space left on the local cache of Xbox One. Now, turn on the cloud storage.

Turn on the Cloud Storage on Xbox One

With cloud storage, you can start saving your game data to Xbox Live servers. Those are the steps to set up cloud storage on Xbox One.

Step 1: Firstly, power-on your Xbox One.

Step 2: Go to the Xbox Dashboard.

Step 3: Now enter Settings > System.

Step 4: Select the Storage option from the menu.

Step 5: Finally, enter into Cloud Saved Games.

Step 6: Turn on the cloud storage by selecting Enable Cloud Saved Games.

Congratulations! You have just set up the cloud storage on Xbox One. Now you can save your game data on cloud storage. You can save your in-game progress on the cloud storage. So, now you can save or move games to play later.

Please remember, the initial size of Xbox One cloud storage is around 2GB. It’s better to save games that you will need to play on another console. Or you can save the games that you are in progress. Don’t save every game to cloud storage, otherwise, you may get face shortage of space.

How to Save or Move Saved Game to Cloud Storage

New Games

If you are playing a new game, then you will get prompted on ‘Where you will save your game progress?’. Just select the Cloud Saved Games option to save your game. Now each time you sign-in to Xbox Live account and play the game, all progress will get automatically saved on cloud storage.

Exiting Games

But, if you want to move a previously saved Xbox one game to cloud storage, you have to follow the mentioned steps.

Step 1: Firstly, Log-in to your Xbox Live account.

Step 2: Now enter into Settings.

Step 3: Go to System > Storage.

Step 4: Then choose the storage device that has the saved game data.

Step 5: Enter into Games option.

Step 6: Now select the game with the game including saved game.

Step 7: Select Move option.

Step 8: At the end, chose the Cloud Storage.

Hurray! You have moved your saved game to cloud storage. In the same way, you can also move your saved game from Cloud Storage to the hard drive. Now, you can play your saved games on another console using Xbox Live Cloud Storage.

Access Cloud Storage on Another Console

You can play your saved games from any other console using Cloud Storage. Just like your friend’s Xbox console. Here’s we have shown the way to access Xbox One Cloud Storage on another console.

Step 1: Open the Xbox One console.

Step 2: Sign-in to your Xbox Live account.

Step 3: Make sure you have turned on Cloud Access.(See the first tutorial)

Step 4: Start playing the game.

During the game, if you get asked to save the game, always select Cloud Saved Games as a storage device. Otherwise, game progress won’t get saved to Cloud storage. So, now you have the access to cloud storage so start playing the game.

Is it Safe to Use Cloud Storage on Xbox One?

As long as you have a working internet connection, it’s safe to use cloud storage. When you save a game to Cloud storage, first it gets saved on your local memory. Then it starts uploading to Cloud server. It’s totally safe and feasible.

Generally, when you left a game, the game data will get uploaded to Xbox Live server automatically. To see the uploading process, do this.

Step 1: Press the Guide button on your Xbox One controller.

Step 2: Go to Games & Apps > Active Downloads.

Then you will see the game data is uploading to the cloud server. As long as you have an internet connection, you can turn off your Xbox One. It will stay in the safe mood until the uploading is completed. But if you unplug your Xbox One, the uploading gets paused. It will start again when your Xbox is turned on and connected to the internet.

Turn off Cloud Storage on Xbox One

No meter how useful Cloud storage is, you may have to turn it off sometimes. Before turning off the cloud storage on your Xbox One, you may want to move the saved game from to your local hard drive. Once done, you can turn off Cloud Storage.

Step 1: Go to Xbox 360 Dashboard > Settings.

Step 2: Then select Storage.

Step 3: Now highlight Cloud Saved Games and press Y button on your Xbox One controller.

Step 4: Select Disable Cloud Saved Games. Done!

If the reason is to disable cloud storage is continuers errors, then you can fix them by using the solution below.

Fix Errors

You may face different kinds of errors during using the Xbox Live cloud storage. Here’s we have found some general errors and their easy fixes.

Game not supported

Some of the Xbox One games are not designed to save on Cloud Storage. So, you can’t save those kinds of games on the Xbox Live server. It’s better to save the game on your local memory and play it later. However, you can wait for Microsoft to make those games compatible with cloud storage.

We couldn’t sync your info with the cloud

Generally, you get this error message when the Xbox One can’t connect to Xbox Live server. This error may appear if there’s some on your internet connection. So, configure the net connection properly. If still get’s problem, contact your network operator.

Your cloud saved games and the saved game copies on your console are out of sync. Which do you want to use?

When Xbox One detects two versions of the saved game on cloud storage, the error message will get displayed. As a solution, you have to select the Cloud saved games to avoid further problem.

Xbox One network problem

If there’s any problem on your Xbox One settings, you may get network problems. To check the problem, you can go to Xbox Deash board > settings > all settings > network > Network Settings. Then click on Test network connection button. Now you can recognize the problem from the test result.

Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live

You may get this type of problem when the Xbox Live server is in high traffic. Or the server has got down for a little period. You can inform about the server problem to Microsoft. Use the ‘notify me when this service is up and running’ option. Hopefully, the problem would get solved very quickly.

Last Lines

However, the Xbox One cloud storage is amazing feature to use. Generally, you won’t face any problem if your Xbox One gets connected to Xbox Live server on regular basis. Also, make sure that your game saves are being uploaded to the cloud server.

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  1. Hello, i cant find cloud option in my settings. Neither for saved games nor new games. I want to backup my game saved data but i don’t have the option.

    1. Hey Firas, thanks for the question.
      Ans. 1: Did you try this way? Games and Apps >> Select the game with the 3 lines. It will show game install size and saved data.
      Ans. 2: You don’t need to backup your game, everything backs up on the cloud automatically.
      To check this, get a new Xbox or ask your friends, the save data will automatically sync and download to that console.

      Hope this will solve your problem.

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