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The ACT or American College Testing is a non-profit educational organization. They manage, specialized test/examination, that’s helping University and college addition officers to the major ability of all applicants comparably. It’s a unique test and they have four part of their test. With the real-time exam, the ACT provides Computer-based test also. However, see the full steps on ACT registration.

If any schools or university get not agree with it, there is also English(language) test, then Mathematics and others like Social Science and Natural Science test. With a large number of rising participants ACT is slowly becoming one of the most trusted educational organization.

ACT Registration Process

To getting enrolled with the ACT, you have to follow the certain process with care. You will need some elements to register at the ACT. Any device just like, Computer or mobile/tab can be used at ACT registration. However, mobile devices are not recommended, but we will feature the mobile registration process also. With those smart devices, you have to manage a working internet connection on your device. Here I will mention some benefits of ACT account.

  • You can immediately get informed about your test location through ACT account.
  • Register for the new
  • You can get your reports of your test.

ACT Registration on PC

As we know, PC or laptop is officially recommended by ACT to get registered. So, here you will show you the full process of getting Signed Up at ACT for computer device!
Step 1: At the first option, you have to ensure that you have a secure internet connection on your computer device. Then open your web browser and Search for ACT Registration page.

Step 2: Now you will get a web page in your browser. In this webpage, you will see login and registration option of ACT account. You must click on the Create Account option to start the registration process.

ACT Registration

Step 3: Just provide the answers to those question by selecting one option. After providing the answers click on the Continue option.

ACT Registration

Step 4: Then, all option related to ACT account registration will appear on your screen. So, you must follow those statements to fill those blank options with correct information about you.

  • At the first option, you have to enter the First name.
  • Beside First name option, there is ‘Middle Initial’ option. Put the short form of your middle name here. (Ex. John Robert Smith = John Smith)
  • At the second line, you will get ‘Last Name’. So, write the last part of your name.
  • Select the right date of birth of yours, in mentioned form. (MM/DD/YY)
  • Enter the Email address that will be used for any task in the ACT.
  • Re-enter your Email address, to verify.
  • Check-in, the last agreement option of the ACT.

After all, just click on the Continue option.

ACT Registration

Step 5: Here you have to create Username and Password for your ACT online account. So, create a valid UserID at the first option. Then create a strong and secure password for your account. At the last option, rewrite the same password and click on the Continue option.

ACT Registration

ACT Registration on Mobile Device

ACT does not recommend to use any mobile device to get registered for the test, but in this tutorial, we will show you how you can get registered at ACT for the test. Remember, you have to manage a working internet connection at your mobile device and use an updated web browser in case of registering at ACT.

Step 1: If you have established the internet connection at your mobile device then go into your web browser. Then search for ACT registration or simply goes over here to get started.

Step 2: Here you will give both options for ACT account, one is for ACT Login and other is for ACT Registration. Just click on the marked Create Account option to get registered.

ACT Registration

Step 3: Now you will see another page with some blank options to fill up with authorized information about you. Follow those mentioned statement step by step carefully.

  • Enter the real first name of your(student) at the first option.
  • At the right option(Middle Initial ), You have to input the shorter version of your middle name.(Ex. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg = Mark E.  Zuckerberg)
  • Put your Email address at the next option.( Remember, this Email address with get used at every task in ACT)
  • Rewrite the Email addresss that you have entered in last option.
  • Check in, the(marked) agreement of ACT to show agreement to all procedure.

If you have done everything and inserted right information then click on the Continue option.

ACT Registration

Step 4: Well, here you have to set Username and password for your new ACT account. That Account would be used at every ACT Login process. So, carefully chose a valid Username and then set a secret and secure password for your account. Rewrite your new password at the last option and click on the Continue!

ACT Registration


The ACT is one of leading Testing organization in America. They have held their reputation for over the 50 years. They have developed their examination and technique to build up a successful and real output result of student/applicant. Just follow those registration guides according to your device and you will get your new ACT account. Now go ahead and get success in your study life. Once you have enrolled you have to use the ACT Login process to get access to your account from any platform and device. If you have any question or problem toward the registration process, then comment here. If you think the ACT registration process will get informative for others, don’t forget to share.

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