ADP Login – How to Guide

ADP (Automatic Data Processing) is an American based company that provides us human resources management software and service. They are also known as payroll, tax, and benefits administration solutions from their source. So, if you want to get the extra advantage that will help you to get the success in your business industry, you can use their services. You have to get logged in if you want to get those solutions from ADP on your own device. We will show you entire process to log in at ADP.

ADP was established 1949 in New Jersey. From 1949 there are giving strong and helpful solutions to all kinds of business organizations. They are so helpful at small business also as well as the big market.

ADP Login on PC

If you are currently using your personal computer then follow these steps.

Step 1: At first make sure you have valid and working net connection at your computer, then go to your web browser and search for ADP. Or you can go here.

Step 2: Then you will get the official website of ADP. Here you will get all detailed information about their work and activity. However, you will get an option named User Login. Just click on the option.

ADP Login

Step 3: Now you will several options for user login. There are several options to log in to ADP. Select your log in the category from the menu. just click on the particular category and some login options will appear as a drop-down menu. Select your category to log in to your ADP account.

In this tutorial, we are going to the first log in option as an example.

ADP Login

Step 4: After selecting log in the category you will get a login page according to your selection. Now from user login page click on Login option.

ADP Login

Step 5: Now a small window will pop-up on your browser screen for authentication. Now give correct password and user name of your account and click on OK!

ADP Login

That’s it. Now you will get all options to Your ADP account.

ADP Login on Mobile

If you are using your Mobile device to log in to your ADP account, just follow those instructions,

Step 1: At first create a secure and working net connection to your mobile device, then go to the internet browser of your mobile, and search for ADP or your also go over here.

Step 2: Then you will get the official mobile website on your device. Here you will get all information of ADP and their whole activity. However, in ADP official website you will also get a log in options for your account. Just click on the login option from this website.

ADP Login

Step 3: Now you will get all log in options for Employees, Administrators, and Accountants

Also. Select your log in the category according to your ADP account.

As an example, we are selecting the first category of this menu.

ADP Login

Step 4: Then you will get a web page including some login stuff. At this stage, tap on the small Login option from this particular web page.

ADP Login

Step 5: After that, a window will pop-up at your screen. This window is required for Authentication information. Just give your ADP username and password to get logged in to your ADP account. At the end click/tap on Sign In.

ADP Login

Now you will get your account access from your Mobile device.

ADP Login on Mobile APP

ADP has created a great App for their customer for giving them better survive. This app has some nice key features that will help you to get always connected to your company information. Using and login in at this app gives them access to payroll, time & attendance, benefits and much more. You can also get vital HR information of you and your team anytime from this amazing app. First of all, you have to get logged in at this ADP Mobile solution app!

all mentionable features of ADP mobile app

If you are willing to use and log into this ADP Mobile solutions app? Create so, let start the process,

Step 1: At First, you need to download the latest ADP Mobile Solution app from App store of your own platform.

Download ADP Mobile Solutions App from Google play

Download ADP Mobile Solutions App from Apple Store

Download ADP Mobile Solutions App from Window Store

Step 2: After downloading and installing the ADP Mobile Solutions app on your Mobile, now just open it. At the starting, you will see all options related to logging in. So, first of all, you have to give Username of Your ADP account. Then click on NEXT.

ADP Login

Step 3: Now give the correct password of your ADP account. Then click on Log in.

ADP Login

Now you will be able to access your ADP account using this app on your Mobile device. It will help you to achieve your business aim or get other services from ADP.

Forgot ADP Password

If you have forgotten the password or username of your ADP account and desperately trying to recover your ADP account, don’t worry. We will help to recover your ADP account.

Step 1: At first you have to get the sign in page on your device. just go here to get the Sign on a page of ADP

Step 2: Now you will get the sign in page of ADP where you will get all options related to ADP account. Now from the sign in page select that particular option named Forgot your user ID/password?

Click on the forgot password option on the login page

Step 3: Then you will get some blank options to fill up. You have to fill those empty boxes with right information. You have to do,

  • Give your First name and last name.
  • Enter your Email address that was linked to your ADP account or you can give your Mobile number instead of Email addresses.

Now click on Next.

provide correct information to get back your account

Step 4: Then ADP corporation will detect your user id according to given information. Now just click on I DON’T KNOW MY PASSWORD.

ADP Login

Step 5: Now ADP corporation will send a security code to your mobile number or Email address. You can select your one of those methods to get the security code. After selecting one of those options now just click on Send code.

ADP Login

After that step, you will get a security code from ADP corporation at your Phone number or Email address. Enter the specific security code and you will get all options for resetting your ADP account password. Then you will be able to login to your ADP account using your new password.

So, here’s how you can log in to your ADP account form various device and platforms. ADP makes this process easier. Hope that information will help you get the essential of ADP Sign process.

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