How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

It’s really tough to find someone on Facebook because it’s being used by 1.44 billion people around the world. Here I will show you how to do an advanced search on Facebook.

Like, there are so many people who get similarly named on Facebook. And it’s almost impossible to find someone only by their name.

To find someone on Facebook, you just need to be tricky. Yeah, I will make it easy for you.

I found so many questions on different forums people saying they want back filter options in Facebook search engine. Because it’s really disappointing to not find your special one, friends or family members.

So I am going to tell you many ways of Facebook advanced search to find your desired ones.

Requirements to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

Person Name: Yeah of-course name is the first thing you need and I think you already know that.

But if you have any confusion about the spelling, you can search the name on a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

And search engine will provide you a correct spelling and also many variations of it.

Others: For advance searching, you also need to know any of these.

  1. Mutual Friend
  2. Hometown
  3. Current City
  4. High School
  5. College or University
  6. Employer
  7. Graduate School

If you know more than one, that’s better.

Video Tutorial to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

If you don’t like the video or need more instruction, then continue reading to find your desired ones on Facebook.

How to Search People on Facebook

Firstly I wanna discuss on Facebook’s default search engine. Yeah I know, it’s a useless thing to you. But you can also use it to search people very effectively.

1. The first thing you need to do — Just login to your Facebook account.

Facebook Advanced Search

2. Write the name of your desired person on the search box. You see how I also mention the person’s city name, Mick Los Angeles.

This will filter people automatically who’s named Mick and live in Los Angeles. Besides that, you can also use their school or college or university name. It will show an accurate result immediately.

If you still don’t find your desired person, click on Search Facebook option below the results.

Facebook Advanced Search

3. It will take you to the top results. So, if you wanna search any person, click on “people” option. You can also search for photos, pages, groups and apps & events in more options.

That’s all about Facebook’s default search engine. But there is also a tricky advanced filter option available on Facebook. So let me talk about it.

How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

It is easy to search for anything using advanced filtering option on any search engine. Facebook has a meaningful advanced search engine with filtering option.

And I love this way to search anyone on Facebook.

Facebook Advanced Search

1. On the Facebook top bar, find the Find Friends option and click on it.

Advanced Search on Facebook

2. See on the right side of the Find Friends page and you will find Search for Friends filter options.

3. On the Name box enter the person’s name. If he/she is already friend with one of your other friends, then enter the name of that friend on Mutual Friend box.

This will automatically filter the person. So you will get the person who you want.

Similarly, you can use other options which you already know. And it’s really a helpful filter option on Facebook.

Final Words: How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

Overall, this tricky method will surely assist you to find your desired ones. I think this article will also help you to search people on Facebook more accurately

Hope you have found the person you want!

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5 thoughts on “How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook”

  1. The “Find Friends” filters are beyond useless. Since discontinuing Graph Search, Facebook has significantly reduced the number of available search filters. Even worse, they limit the number of search results that appear! This makes it impossible to find people.

    When I first joined Facebook back in 2005, they had an advanced search page that allowed you to search using every profile field available (first & last name, age & DOB, gender, orientation, relationship status, location, school, workplace, interests, etc.). It was also possible to search by HS graduation year – this would bring up a list of *everyone* you have graduated with (if they’re on Facebook). Regardless of the search method used, the number of search results was unlimited and could exceed 100 pages.

    In 2006 Facebook introduced the News Feed and Mini Feed features. After people complained about the lack of privacy controls, Facebook actually listened to its users and added them. They also added the ability to prioritize the types of stories that appeared in your News Feed. For example, I increased the priority of relationship status updates and lowered the priority of wall posts and “___ is now friends with ___” updates. A short time later, Facebook removed the ability to customize these feeds altogether.

    Facebook later added the ability to type advanced search queries into the search box at the top of the page (such as “Single females who graduated from [school] in [year]”). This would bring up the same search results as a regular advanced search would, but with your search terms highlighted in yellow. This was before Graph Search was introduced!

    Facebook eventually removed the advanced search option altogether, along with the ability to search by HS graduation year. Then along came Graph Search, which was nothing more than a less reliable version of their previous advanced search (that actually worked). It included the numerous “Find Friends” filters. Search results were incomplete and inconsistent (not in any particular order).

    When Facebook discontinued Graph Search, I finally had enough and deleted my account. I didn’t have many friends to begin with, so I didn’t care. How can I add new friends when Facebook takes away the ability to find them? It was likely removed due to stalking concerns, but that shouldn’t matter. Advanced search has legitimate uses and it respects users’ privacy settings (supposedly).

    Unless they bring back the original advanced search option, I will never join Facebook again. They have become more of a content sharing platform than a social networking website.

  2. I can’t find people anymore on this crap!! Leave it to Facebook to ruin every good feature they ever come up with. I remember the good old days when searching was actually efficient.

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