How to Cancel a Bid on eBay as a Buyer or Seller

Placing bid is quite easy on eBay, but often we have to cancel bids for many reasons.

Well, eBay also provides the option to cancel a bid easily.

Here I will explain to you how to cancel a bid on eBay as a buyer or seller with some easy steps.

However, it’s quite a sensitive task, so do it on your own responsibility.

How to Cancel a Bid on eBay as a Buyer

You may have placed a bid on eBay, but later changed your mind and now you want to cancel the bid.

But, eBay doesn’t provide anyone clicks option to cancel a bid. You have to follow a certain procedure.

Here’s how to cancel a bid on eBay if you are a buyer.

Step 1: Log into eBay

Before everything, you must log into your eBay account from the official website.

Step 2: Go to Retracting Bid Page

Once you are logged into your eBay account, go to Retracting bid page.

Then click on the Get Started button to start canceling your bid.

The retracting bid page in eBay

Step 3: Select the Product

Select the product that you want to cancel bid for.

You can just click on the photo of the product.

Selecting a previews bid in eBay

Step 4: Select A Reason

Now, select a reason from the displaying option and click on Continue button.

Selecting a reason to cancel a bid in eBay

Step 5: Cancel a bid

In the end, you will get a page with all information about the bid.

Just click on Retract bid and that it!

Confirming the retracting of a bid in eBay

Note: When buyers cancel a bit on eBay, they call it Retracting bid.

Reason to Cancel a Bid as Buyer

Remember, you can only cancel a bid if the auction ends in more than 12 hours.

If there less than 12 hours left, you have to contact the seller.

However, you can cancel your bid if you retract it within 1 hour.

Here’s all the reason eBay suggests to consider when you want to cancel(retract) a bid.

  • If the seller has changed the product description soon after placing your bid.
  • You have entered the wrong amount of money. Ex 400$ instead of 40$, that too much.
  • The buyer is unavailable. Although you have tried all available way to contact the buyer.

After canceling a bid, the seller can’t give you negative feedback.

But if you don’t retract a wrong bid and end up winning the auction, that would be a disaster.

Cancel a Winning Bid on eBay

What if you have forgotten to retract your wrong bid and wins the auction?
You have to cancel the bid.

So, how to cancel a winning bid on eBay as a buyer?
Just go to My eBay > Purchase history and contact the seller.

Be honest and explain your reason and tell the seller to cancel the transaction.

The Purchase History option in My eBay drop down menu

If the seller doesn’t cancel your transaction, the seller may sign unpaid item(UPI) report to your profile.

Many sellers will avoid you at auction or eBay may suspend your account if you have lots of them.

Contact with the Seller

If you need to communicate with the seller, you can use the contact form of eBay.

Here’s how you can message to the seller.

Step 1: Go to Bids/Offers

Firstly, log into your eBay account.

Then hover your mouse on the My eBay option at the top.

Select Bids/Offers option from the menu.

The Bids/Offers option at My eBay drop down menu

Step 2: Select the Item

Now find the item that you have bid for.

Then click on the seller username.

It’s located under seller information section.

Step 3: Contact with Sellers

Once you are at seller’s profile page, click on the Contact option at upper-right corner.

The Contact option at eBay seller

Select Others from the options and click on the Contact the seller button.

Now enter the topic(I want to cancel the transaction) and write down the message in 1000 words.

Then send it to the seller.

How to Cancel a Bid on eBay as a Seller

You can control the bidders on your selling item on eBay.

Generally, it’s not a good idea to kick out any bidder without any reason.

It may harm your selling rate on eBay.

However, follow these steps to cancel a bid on eBay as a seller.

Step 1: Log into eBay

Make sure that you have logged into your eBay account on the official website.

Step 2: Go to Selling Menu

Hover your mouse at My eBay option and chose Selling option from the menu.

The selling option at my eBay drop down menu

Step 3: Find the Item

Now, find the item that you want to cancel a bid for.

Click on the item.

Then collect the item number that is located the top-right corner of the description tab.

The eBay item number at product disruption

Step 4: Collect the Bidder Username

Then you have to collect the username of the bidder.

Click on the [bids] link just above the Place Bid button.

Find the username of that bidder.

The option to get all bidders on a eBay product

Step 5: Cancel the Bid

Finally, go to the eBay bid cancellation form.

Then Enter the item number in the first field.

Enter the bidder’s username at the next.

Write down the reason to cancel the bid with 80 or more worlds.

Click on Cancel bid button.

The bid cancellation form for sellers in eBay

Reasons to Cancel a Bid as Seller

You can cancel a bid for your product anytime you want.

But, you shouldn’t cancel a bid because the buyer asking too many questions.

After all, you have come so far to sell your products to customers.

Don’t disappoint them.

eBay recommend you to consider those reasons to cancel a bid.

  • If the buyer has requested you to cancel their bid.
  • You have some error in the listing.
  • If the product is now out of stock and you don’t want more bids.
  • If the bidder is fraud and has a negative report on their profile.

Once you cancel a bid, the bidder has to bid again on your product.

However, it’s better to lots of people bidding on your item.

But, if you want to avoid unauthorized buys, you can set requirements on who can bid for you.

If you prevent any specific red marked buyer to bid on your item, you can also block them.

Set Buyer Requirements

You can set criteria on who can bid on your products.

Just like you may want to avoid buys who don’t have PayPal account or have a bad report on their profile.

Step 1: Set Buyer Requirements

Log into your eBay account and go to the eBay buyer requirements page.

Then check into available options to set criteria.

Click on Submit button.

The buyers requirements page in eBay

If you want to apply those filters for active bids also, check into ‘Apply above settings to active and future listings’ option.

Block Buyers

If you don’t want to receive bids from any specific buyer, you can block them.

After blocking the buyer, they won’t be able to buy proceeds from you.

You can block up to 5000 buyers on eBay

Step 1: Find the Username

At first, collect the username or UserID of that eBay buyer you want to block.

You can get a username on their profile page.

The Username of a user in eBay

Step 2: Block Buyers

Make sure you have logged into your eBay account.

Then go to Block buyers page.

Write down the username of the profile you want to block.

Click submit.

If you want to block another user, write down the username using a comma.


  • You can cancel a bid if the auction has more than 12 hours left.
  • If you have bid in between 1 hour, you can still retract your bid.
  • When you block a buyer, they won’t be able to bid on your any product.

If you have made a wrong bid on eBay, it’s your duty to retract the bid.

If you can’t convince the seller to cancel the transaction, it may cause an unpaid item report to your profile.

This will tell other sellers that you are not a good buyer.

Therefore, you should avoid buyers who have negative feedback on their profile.

To get highly trusted buyers, you can set buyer requirements on eBay.

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