How to Cancel All Pending Facebook Friend Requests Easily

In this post, I am going to walk you through the fast way to cancel all pending Facebook friend requests.

Facebook can trigger people to send friend requests towards both known and unknown people. It’s simply normal. But, when someone sent many friend requests every day, then Facebook treats the persons as being a fake id. For that reason, Facebook tries to prevent the person from sending additional friend requests.

Therefore, Facebook blocks that person for two days to 1 month. Facebook might permanently ban the ID from sending friend requests when the user repeatedly made the similar mistake.

Okay, in this case, your question is how you can cancel all friend requests which has been sent on Facebook? then you certainly have landed in the right location to find the real solution.
facebook pending friend requests

Four Methods to Cancel All Pending Facebook Friend Requests

You can use 4 methods to cancel sent friend requests on Facebook which I will share with you in this article. Let’s start, First of all, log in to your Facebook account before you can proceed.

Method-1: Cancel All Pending Facebook Friend Requests

It’s really a simple method to cancel pending friend requests once you know the individuals Facebook user name. If you are a new Facebook user, then your steps given below could possibly be helpful for you.

  • Within the Facebook search box, type the individual’s facebook user name and look for the person.
  • When you have found the profile which you wish to cancel friend request, then read through the individual’s profile / Timeline.
  • Hover the mouse on the friend request sent button near the top of the profile.
  • Simply click on Cancel Request and confirm it.

Method-2: Cancel All Pending Facebook Friend Requests

  • Simply click on privacy short cuts from the upper right corner on the facebook page and choose “Who can see my stuff?”.
  • Select Use Activity Log.
  • You can also directly get into the all activity or activity log page. For doing that just click on the Activity Log In button that is present near the top of your profile/facebook ok Timeline page.
  • From the left column panel, click More to be expanded your entire options.
  • Click friends

There you might see for those who have became friends with you or if you have sent friend requests shows up in chronological order according to the temporal arrangement.

Again when you have found the individual’s name listed there, simply click on it after which it you can cancel the all sent friend requests.

Method-3: Cancel All Pending Facebook Friend Requests

  • Simply click on gear button from the upper right corner in the facebook page after which  click Account Settings.
  • Within the General Account Settings, follow the link marked Download a copy of your Facebook data.
  • Receive a copy of everything you have shared on Facebook.
  • When the file which you download is big, then it is going to show as Start My Archive. Simply click that button.
  • Facebook will start compiling your archive and will also be informed that you will be sent an e-mail when it is prepared to download. Press OK to the notification.
  • Usually, it requires 1-2  minutes.
  • As soon as your email gets to your mail inbox, follow the link to gain access to the download.
  • Then simply click on Download Archive button.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your Facebook password. Then enter your password and click on submit button.
  • Once the download action begins, you will have to wait for while to have the file.

Kindly you should be note that, longer the activity of yours on Facebook, larger the file size.

  • The archive file is zip format. So, you should extract it to open the file.
  • To do this, download the Zip extractor and extract the archive file that you’ve got just downloaded it from Facebook.
  • As soon as the extraction process completed, you’ll get 3 folders and 1 .htm file.
  • Open the html folder with your browser.
  • Double click on friends after opening .htm file
  • After that, your browser will open your friends list.
  • There it’s going to display a lists as Friends, Sent Friend Requests, Removed Friends and followers.
  • Search through Sent Friend Requests.
  • Then go through the steps which has been mentioned in the first method to cancel the sent friend requests.

Method-4: Cancel All Pending Facebook Friend Requests

Final Words

Therefore I have mentioned some methods to cancel the pending friend requests. When you have found another ways to undertake it, then you would inform it by commenting below.

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