How to Change Facebook Password for Better Security

No doubt, Facebook is a big part of our daily routine. For security reason, it is best to change password after a while. So, I am here to guide, how do I change my Facebook password step by step with picture.

Sometimes, we forgot our FB password or we concern about the security. Because we use it as social purpose and also for private act. We never want to be hacked by some stupid minded people who can make someone’s life measurable.

Now question is how often should you change your Facebook password? It is highly recommended to change your password every 1-6 months to make your account safe.

Another question, are frequent password changes really good for security? Yes but it depends on your password strength. To make you FB password stronger by mixing of different characters like uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

How to Change Facebook Password

In this article, I am going to tell you, how to change password with login into FB. So it requires your Facebook email or phone number and password. If you forgot your password, you have to recover that.

Change Facebook Password on Computer or Laptop

Changing Facebook password is much easier using desktop computer or laptop than other devices. For this, you have to remember your old password to login to your Facebook account.

Step 1: Log Into Facebook

facebook login page
Open any web browser. Then in browser bar, type and hit enter button. Now enter your email or phone number and password. After that click on Log In button.

Step 2: Go to Settings

Facebook upside-down triangle option
As you are logged into your Facebook account, you can see a down arrow on left side of top navigation bar. Just click on that triangular arrow.

Facebook Setting option
Then a menu will appear on your screen. From the menu click on the Setting option.

Step 3: Go to Security and Login

Security and login option on facebook
Here you can see the setting panel of your Facebook account. After getting this screen, go to the Security and login section.

Step 4: Change Password

Change password option
In the Security and login section, click on the Change password option.

How Do I Change My Facebook Password

Now put your old Password in the first field named as Current. Then you have to input your new Password in the next two fields.

After doing all this, save the new password by clicking on Save Changes button.

Change Facebook Password using Mobile Phone Browser

A major portion of Facebook users are the smartphone user. Usually, smartphones help you to stay connected with your Facebook account all the time, even if you are at outdoor. The mobile phone makes that way more easier to get into your Facebook account than others.

Step 1: Sign Into Facebook

facebook on mobile browser
Open any mobile web browser. After opening web browser, just go and log into your account.

Step 2: Go to Account Settings

Click on the Facebook menu option
Now, tap on the marked menu option as showed in photo.

Facebook Account Setting option
After getting into the menu sctionn, scroll down to HELP & SETTINGS section and tap on the Account Setting option.

go to the security option on your facebook account
Now Go to Security and login section.

Step 3: Change Facebook Password

Change Facebook Password
Tap on Change Password option.

log into your facebook account using mobile login
Here you can see the Password resetting page on your mobile screen. Now you have to write your current Facebook account Password at the first option. Then you have to type your new Password at the second option. Type the same Password again at the last option.

click on the change password option
If you have finished providing your Passwords, tap on the Save Changes button to set your new password!

Change Facebook Password Using Mobile App

Facebook mobile application is available on multiple mobile platforms. So, if you are one of them, then here is the Password changing process for you.

Step 1: Login to Facebook App

Login to your Facebook account via mobile device
After opening the Facebook app, just log into your Facebook account.

Step 2: Go to Facebook Settings

Click on the facebook app menu button to get more options
At first, tap on the menu icon at top left corner.

go to your Facebook account Settings option
As you can see the FB menu, just go to the bottom part of the menu and you will get an option named ‘Settings’. Tap on that option.

Go to the advanced settings of your facebook account
Then go to Account Setting option.

Go into the security section of your facebook account
Now tap on Security section.

Step 3: Change FB Password

Change Password Facebook Settings
Here you can see all the security and login options for your Facebook account. After getting this screen, tap on the Change Password option.

facebook mobile login
Then, you will get your desired password reset page. So, at the first empty option, you should provide your current Facebook account password. Then you have to write your new password at the last two empty option.

Save your new password on facebookj
After that, you have to tap on the Save Changes button to set your new password.

Change Facebook Password Without Old Password

Changing Facebook password without knowing the old one is much easier than above methods. You can change it by the same way on all device like the computer, laptop or smartphones.

But, you must have access to your mail account or phone number which is used during facebook sign up. If you don’t have the access to mail or phone number, you can’t do it.

Step 1: Go to

Change Facebook Password without the Old Password
Open any mobile or pc web browser and go to After that, click on forgotten account option just below login boxes.

Step 2: Identify Your Facebook Account

find your account
Enter your email address or phone number and then click on search button.

Step 3: Verify Yourself

facebook send code for resetting password
As you can see, they asked for verification. You have to verify yourself via google account if you use Gmail or via code that will send to your mailbox or phone. Just select one and click on Continue.

If you select google account, a window will pop up after clicking continue button. Then just login to your Gmail account and reset your facebook password.

Whereas, if you select to send code, they will send to your email or phone. Just enter that code on the very next page and reset your facebook password.

Final Words

That’s all. If you have followed one of those processes, you must be able to set your new Facebook account password. You will also get informed by your Email or Phone number about your new password. Remember, always use a strong password for your online account.

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  1. Charlene Kate Kavanagh

    In trying to share an article, then a video
    a popup claimed I was using an old password. I tried to change numerous times but code doesn’t come thru via SMS or email. I can’t find a record of a new password which popup says was changed a month ago. It seems someone has locked me out. How to fix?

    1. Did you try to recover your password with mobile or pc? If mobile app, try to use any internet browser available in your phone. If pc, try to clear browser history, cache & cookies or other browser.

    2. Sya'ban Anugrah Panggabean

      Bagaimana cara reset kata sandi facebook jika nomor telepon sudah tidak aktif lagi dan email akun belum ada tercantum dalam akun facebook saya?

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