Delete Facebook Group by Removing All Members at Once

Here is step by step guide, how to delete facebook group by removing all members at once.

Facebook is an amazing platform to publish your thought, creativity, business anything. Facebook group is popular to do so. We can make so easily a group and can add all our Facebook friends easily by javascript code but problems arise when we try to delete a facebook group.

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How to delete a group in facebook?

Sometimes it becomes obvious deleting a fb group for our business or personal wish or mistakenly made group. Facebook group deleting is not so easy if the group contain members even a single member. So if you want to delete a facebook group, then firstly you need to remove all facebook group members.

It’s not a no easy task if your facebook group contain 1000+ members and you want to remove members one by one. But don’t worry, I have a trick to removing all Facebook group’s member easily by a single click. Just follow my simple tricks mentioned below step by step with picture–

How to Remove All Members From Facebook Group at Once

To delete a facebook group you must need to delete all group members even you. You can remove each member by click on settings icon under each member but if the group contain 5000 members then? Don’t be panic, just follow the steps given below–

Step-1: Open your google chrome browser and Log In to Facebook.
If you don’t have google chrome browser, then search for download google chrome browser or install it from the store. Now log in to your Facebook account by entering your facebook email and password.

Step-2: Go to your group and click on group Members
delete all group members facebook

Your groups are present on left side of facebook home page. From all groups, click on your desired group that you want to delete.

Step-3: Click on Ctrl+Shift+J or F12 on your keyboard
This is necessary for finding Console option to enter our javascript code. By this javascript code, we will remove our all facebook group members That are necessary to delete facebook group.

Step-4: Click on Console in a new tab.
Remove All Members From Facebook Group at Once

A new window will open at the below when you click on Ctrl+Shift+J or F12 on your keyboard. On that tab find the Console as mentioned above picture and click on the Console.

Step-5: Paste the Code. Code link: click here

How to Remove All Members From Facebook Group

Go to the code link mentioned above and copy the whole code. Now paste the code on Console tab as shown in the above-mentioned picture and click on enter button on your keyboard.
Now see removing is started. Now all members of your group will be removed automatically. It takes times to remove all group members but you don’t need to do anything.

How to Delete Facebook Group?

Now you are the only member of that facebook group. From Edit Settings option, make the group secret. After that click on gear icon beside your name and select Remove as Admin.
How to Delete Facebook Group by Removing all Members at Once

Finally, leave that Facebook Group and you are done. Your Facebook Group has been deleted successfully.

Delete Group from Facebook: FAQ

How to delete facebook group at once?

There has no such option on Facebook to delete a group which has members. All you can do, remove all the members first then delete the group.

How to remove multiple members from facebook group at once?

We described the process above. Read the article again or watch our video on how to remove multiple members from fb group.

How to delete a facebook group quickly?

Follow our guideline mentioned above. This is the only process by which you can remove fb group members fast and then you will be able to delete the group.

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55 thoughts on “Delete Facebook Group by Removing All Members at Once”

  1. It’s not working. There’s an error in the script:
    Uncaught ReferenceError: document is not defined(…)queueMembersToDelete @ VM97:25deleteAll @ VM97:20deleteAllGroupMembers.start @ VM97:13(anonymous function) @ VM97:137InjectedScript._evaluateOn @ VM91:875InjectedScript._evaluateAndWrap @ VM91:808InjectedScript.evaluate @ VM91:664

    1. It worked with me today
      Make sure you copied the whole script right, open the link then press Ctrl+A then copy and paste in the console tab
      I opened 12 chrome tabs with facebook url to delete them faster

  2. hi just tried this and it didnt work: error:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘textContent’ of undefined(…)
    What should i do differently?!

    1. Hey Jack, I sorry for this. Facebook update their page recently. So old script is not working anymore. I make an update of this code today. And test it 3 times on my group. It works perfectly now. Please try again.

      Thanks for your notice.

  3. Nice script but my group has 10,000 people and it is taking hours. Facebook needs to make a way for admin to delete groups in a much easier less annoying way than this! It’s taken 10 minutes to delete 30 people with this script which means a very high electric bill for me.

    Thanks Facebook for a sucky site!

  4. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that the script isn’t working anymore. It was working fabulously and now today just stopped! Is there an error in the code?

  5. What is the correct syntax to add your own id to the script to exclude it from deletion?

    // the facebook ids of the users that will not be removed.
    // IMPORTANT: add your own facebook id here so that the script will not remove yourself!
    var excludedFbIds = [‘1234′,’11223344’]; // make sure each id is a string!

  6. ok 3 nov 2016, this works, not perfect but it works.

    i was an admin of a 300 members group, it took several tries but it autodeleted almost all members

    the script stops working after some time, just reload the member page and run it again, and do it again, it took me like 5 times, sometimes i had to manually delete someone, but i can confirm it works

  7. it is not working! What can I do? My group has tousands of members and it’s inactive I need to delete it

    VM961:73 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘click’ of undefined
    at removeMember (:73:22)
    at removeNext (:64:13)
    at processQueue (:48:13)
    at deleteAll (:21:13)
    at Object.deleteAllGroupMembers.start (:12:9)
    at :147:23

  8. This code used to work perfect but is no longer working…? Is it possible Facebook made an update? Can someone fix this? Here’s the message I get:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘click’ of undefined
    at removeMember (:73:22)
    at removeNext (:64:13)
    at processQueue (:48:13)
    at deleteAll (:21:13)
    at Object.deleteAllGroupMembers.start (:12:9)
    at :147:23

  9. after clicking on “CONSOLE” mine has a message

    This is a browser feature intended for developers. If someone told you to copy-paste something here to enable a Facebook feature or “hack” someone’s account, it is a scam and will give them access to your Facebook account.
    See for more information.

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