How to Delete A Roblox Account

Here I will show you how to delete a Roblox Account safely. Although Roblox is a great online multiplayer platform, you can leave it anytime you want.

Deleting Roblox account is not that hard. Moreover, If you complete everything perfectly, then it’s a very easy task.

Just follow our step-by-step process to delete your account.

How to Delete A Roblox Account

First of all, you won’t find any direct option to delete the Roblox account.

According to the Roblox, they don’t provide any option to permanently delete a Roblox account.

So, here I will show you some proven tips on how to delete a Roblox account.

Tips 1#: E-mail to Roblox

As a first step, you should send an email to Roblox Customer service.

Write an email to close your Roblox Account to [email protected]. Use ‘Request for Closing Account’ as the Email subject. Don’t forget to mention your Account information.

Subject: Request for Closing Account

Hi Roblox,

I have a Roblox account, [Your Username].
Roblox is a fun place, but I want to delete my Roblox account.
Because [Show a Reason].
So, I am requesting to delete my account permanently from Roblox.
Here’s my Account: [Link to your Roblox account]
Hope, you will respond to my email.
[Your Name]

However, Emailing to Roblox doesn’t confirm that your account will get deleted. You should also follow other methods also, to delete Roblox account.

Tips 2#: Edit your Account Info

As we know, Roblox account can’t be deleted manually. But you can make your account valueless, by deleting your personal info.

Just log in to Roblox and click on the gear icon. Then select Settings.

Settings option on roblxo

Now replace your Account and Personal info with unknown data.

Roblox account

We recommend to write random words on a notepad and put it into your Roblox password. It will make your account inaccessible.

At last, don’t forget to unlink your social profile (Facebook, Twitter etc.).

Additional: Go to Privacy settings and turn off Contact Settings. It would disable the option to massage, follow or invite you.

Tips 3#: Don’t Sign-in

As a last step, Log-out from your Roblox account on all devices. Leave your account for one year.

If you don’t login to your Roblox account for one year, Roblox will eliminate your account automatically. Done!

Therefore, Roblox will remain your account inactive and your all information will be safe.

Last Word

👉 Roblox doesn’t provide any instant feature to delete your account.
👉 You can also get terminated permanently if you break any rule of Roblox.[Not recomanded]

commentFinally, you can relax! Staying away from Login to Roblox might be difficult. But if your account is unacceptable, it’s become so easy to do.

So, that was the ultimate guideline on how to delete a Roblox account. For now, just stick to those.

If you have Roblox accounts with Robux, try to use them before deleting.

However, if you feel bad for your Roblox account, then you can reset the password and get your account back.


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