How to Disable Facebook People You May Know Feature

There have lots of features on the sidebar of Facebook current news-feed. The sidebar also includes from top to bottom trending topics, sponsored box, fan page suggestions, group suggestions, people you may know and many more. Here I will discuss how to disable Facebook People You May Know feature.

Maybe those features are helpful for most of the people but not for all.

It’s so annoying for me to see people that I don’t like and I don’t want to know them.

Disable Facebook People You May Know

Disable Facebook People You May Know Feature

Many of us want some of the features on the sidebar but not all the things.

As there is no option or settings to remove or hide people you may know or trending topics or sponsored box, you have to adjust with those annoying Facebook features.

Facebook always try to prove, these features are the main features to improve users newsfeed and provides important updates to the users around the world. But annoying people with a bad photo, unwanted trending topics are not necessary for all Facebook users.

I have got a solution to hide or remove people you may know or trending topics or anything from the Facebook sidebar.

A browser extension named F.B. Purity which can help you to escape those unwanted sidebars from your Facebook newsfeed.

the download option of F.B. Purity extention

It works with the following browsers Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Maxthon and Opera, running on Windows, Linux, Mac etc perfectly.

Hide or Remove Unwanted Sidebars on Facebook

To do so, just install the extension on your browser.

Now active the extension or add-on on your browser and login to Facebook. You will see a mini bar of fb purity just below the status box and click on FBP.

There has a number of options to hide or unhide.

Tick on the box as shown in the picture to hide the Facebook features like this–

Disable Facebook People You May Know

Chose your desired options to hide and click on save button.

Now Facebook will refresh and tick marked features will get hidden.

You can even change font size, hide top bar, right bar links, page etc by using this extension. It’s all about to customize your Facebook newsfeed as you wish.

Final Words!

Therefore, I hope this guide will help you to hide/remove unwanted sidebars on Facebook.

It will disable the Disable Facebook People You May Know section.

Also, I believe this method will work perfectly but if you face any problem regarding this, please let me know.

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