How to Exit Navigation App – Stop or Cancel Maps App

Can’t exit Google navigation app? Is it consuming your battery & mobile data? Want to stop annoying notification? Many of readers ask me ‘How do they exit navigation app?’. Although there is no menu button on the device, you can exit Google Navigation maps app easily. I will tell you all the process by which you can easily exit Google maps app. All the processes, I tested on my phones and they work. Let’s talk about them.

Use of Google Navigation App

Want to go somewhere you don’t know? In case Google maps app is extremely helpful. It is the best app for real time GPS navigation, traffic, transit, and details about millions of places. I you can also find places reviews which is important to decide a place to go. Now a days it’s become one of the useful app in our daily life.

How to Disable Google Navigation App

As I told you earlier, there is no exit button on Google Maps app. So, you have to change some setting to stop maps to annoy you.
Step-1: Go to your mobile settings and find the Apps option. Its location vary from phone to phone. As you you can see in my phone, it is under General section. Just find it and open apps.
find the Google Navigation App

Step-2: In the Apps, scroll down and look for Maps. Then tap on Maps to open it.
google maps setting

Step-3: Now you can Google maps app information. Above all of them, there is a option to disable Google navigation app. So just click on to disable maps app.
exit google navigation

Note: There will be pop up after tapping on disable button and you have to choose yes for completely exit navigation app. Remember you can enable it later by the same and tapping on enable button.

How to Stop Google Navigation App

Firstly, follow the section how to disable navigation up to 2nd step. Then you can see there a option named Force stop.
exit navigation

Just click on Force stop option. It will popup and say, if you force stop an app, it may misbehave. You have to tap on OK button for stopping navigation app.

Note: It will exit navigation app for this session only. Later you can use maps as usual.

How to Stop Google Navigation App’s Notification

Google maps app always send you notification when you are in new location or there is new activity around you. It is helpful but most of the time its not. So, follow the steps given below to stop navigation app to send notification.

Step-1: Open your Google maps app. Tap on three dot as you can see the below picture.
location settings navigation app

Step-2: After that you will find all the maps app’s menu. Now scroll down to find the settings option and then tap on it.
google maps settings

Step-3: Under settings, tap on Notification.
stop google maps notification

Step-4: There you can see several option like traffic, transit, your contributions, people & places, ride services, and new on maps. Tap on first option that is traffic to proceed.
stop google nav notification

Step-5: Now stop all the notification setting one by one.
stop google navigation notification

And do the same again for transit, your contributions, people & places, ride services, and new on maps.

How to Stop Google Maps Using Your Location

Step-1: Follow the How to Stop Google Navigation App’s Notification section up to 2nd step.

Step-2: Then tap on Google location settings.
stop Google maps location settings

Step-3: There is a on/off button on the top of location settings. Just tap on it to stop Google maps using your location.
stop Google navigation location settings

Final Word

So, this how I exit navigation app after using it. I hope it will help you to use Google maps app without being annoying. All the steps above are not permanent and you can reverse it anytime. So, don’t if you did any mistake. If you need further assistance, feel free to ask me on comment section below. And of course, don’t forget to tell me if it is worked or not.

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