Facebook Mobile Login – How to Guide

Facebook has gone big screen to small screen. On small screen devices like mobile, Facebook is equally enjoyable. Here I will show you actionable steps to Facebook mobile login.

You can use Facebook over mobile devices, via the official website and mobile app.

Facebook mobile login lets you get connected with others easily — from anywhere.

Also, you can go live on Facebook from mobile, which is really crazy.

Facebook Mobile Login Via Web Browser

If you have a working internet connection, then you can follow those primary steps

Step 1: Firstly, open your favorite web browser. You can use any mobile web browser like Google Chrome, internet browser, opera mini etc. Just go to m.facebook.com.

Step 2: Now you will get an official website for Facebook. Make sure no one else is logged into Facebook homepage on your mobile. You can see this page and login.

facebook mobile login

Step 3: There will be some empty boxes. Fill those boxes with valid information.

  • Email address: You can log in with an email address that’s listed on your Facebook account
  • Username: You can also log in with your username
  • Phone number: If you have a mobile phone number confirmed on your account, you can enter it here.

facebook mobile login

Step 4: Enter your password

facebook mobile login

Step 5: Click Log In button in blue.

Facebook Mobile Login via App

If you use the smartphone, then you should definitely go for Facebook apps.

Install the Facebook app & messenger from your app store.

The Facebook app lets you use the news feed, notification, live event etc.

On messenger, you can chat, attend group chat, do a video conversation with your friends.

facebook mobile login

Facebook App Login

You can download the Facebook app from Google Play, Apple store or Windows phone. If you prefer less data usage, try Facebook Lite App.

Step 1: Open your Facebook app.

Step 2: Now provide your required information on empty boxes. Firstly give your email address associated with your account.

Step 3: Then write the correct password of your Facebook account.

How to Unfriend on Facebook

Step 4: Check if there is any mistake in your data. Finally, click on Login.

Facebook Messenger Login

You can get the Facebook Messenger app on Google Play, Apple store or Windows store. Don’t forget there is also Messenger Lite available to save up your data.

Step 1: Firstly. Open your Facebook Messenger app.

Step 2: Select “I have a facebook account” from the screen. If you don’t have a Facebook account, click on the second option and create an account.

The default option of Facebook Messenger login

Step 3: Now write down your email address or phone number. It must be associated with your account.

Facebook Messenger app login fields

Step 4: Enter your account password and the second option.

Step 5: If everything is ok, click on “SIGN IN WITH FACEBOOK” button.

Forgot Facebook Account Password

If you have forgotten the recent password of your Facebook account, then follow this method to recover your account.

Step 1: At first you have to get the login page, then you go to forgotten account.

facebook mobile login

Step 2: Then you write your email or phone number and search.

facebook mobile login

Step 3: Identify in your account.

facebook mobile login

Step 4: Confirm in your id.then click to continue.

facebook mobile login

Step 5: Then you check your Gmail account. You will see the 6-digit code. this 6 digit code write the page.

facebook mobile login

Step 6: Type the 6-digit number successfully and click to continue.Then you will see your facebook id.

The Final Word

So that’s all for facebook mobile login.

You can follow this process to get into Facebook from your mobile device.

Just login to your mobile device and start using your account.

However, have you any problem with this process?

let us know in the comment section.

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