Facebook Sign Up – How to Guide

Facebook is one of the giant social networking sites. Now, Its became the most used social networking site all around the world. On this modern day, It’s become a tradition to have a Facebook account. Facebook has around 1.71 billion active users that makes it a big social networking site. So, if you are willing to sing up and create a new Facebook account, then just use our mentioned process.

Generally, Facebook used to stay connected with each other. You can follow your favorite celeb or sportsmen with your Facebook account. Facebook also has a gaming section where you can play the online games with your friends. The new features named Facebook Live became viral everywhere in the world. It’s like a fun box, where nobody gets bored. To use those fun features on Facebook at first, you have to sign up for Facebook, and it’s completely free.

Facebook Sign Up for PC

If you are using your computer or laptop to create a Facebook account, then follow these steps:

Step 1: first of all, set up a valid and working net connection for your computer. Then open your browser and go to www.facebook.com.

Step 2: Now, You have to fill up empty boxes with right information. At the first box, write your first name and at second once, give your surname. Your given name will be shown beside your profile picture.( Ex: AndruRussel.)

Note: You can also change your name anytime.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 3: At next boxes, you have to give your E-mail address or Mobile number.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 4: You have to set a password for your Facebook account in the box named “New password”.

Note: Use a strong password that easy to remember for yours. 

Facebook Sign Up

Step 5: Here you have to set your exact birthday for your new Facebook account. Select your birth date, month & year one by one.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 6: Now, select your gender. Male or Female.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 7: After giving all of that information just click on Create an account option.

Facebook Sign Up

At the end, they will send a confirmation code to your Email or Mobile number. Just provide that code and verify your account. That’s it.

Facebook Sing Up for Mobile

Facebook has more users in mobile then all other platforms. If you have a mobile device for sing up and creating a Facebook account, then you can follow those processes.

Step 1: At first, set up an internet connection on your mobile device. Then go to your browser and visit m.facebook.com.

Step 2: Click on ‘Create New Account’ button.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 3: Then you will get a page named Sign up for Facebook. At first, give your First Name and Surname. Then you have to give your Phone Number or Email Address at next box.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 4: Then you have to select your gender(Male/Female). Then give your birth date(Day, Month, Year) and then set a new password for your Facebook account. Click on Sign up button with blue color.

Facebook Sign Up

After that, you will get a confirmation code to your given Email address or mobile number. Just follow the link in the message, then copy and paste the code on Facebook. Then you will get your new Facebook account ready!

Facebook Sign Up for Facebook App

Facebook is now more enjoyable at Facebook application. It gives some extra features to browse your Facebook. If you are willing to create an account on your Facebook app, then follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your Facebook app and click on Create new Facebook account.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 2: Click on Next to get started.

Next option

Step 3: At first select your country and then give your mobile number.

Note: If you want to use email for your new Facebook account, then click on Sign with an Email address.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 4: Just give your First name and Last name that would look good at your Facebook account. Then click on Next.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 5: Set up your birthday for a new Facebook account. That, click on Next.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 6: Here you have to select your Gender. Select Male or Female and click on Next.

facebook gender option

Step 7: Set a strong password for your new Facebook account. Press the Next button.

change password

Step 8: Finally, click on the Sign Up option. Then verify your Facebook account via Email or phone number.

Facebook Sign Up

That’s how you can create your Facebook account on the official Facebook app.

Facebook Sign Up for Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a powerful and popular tool for chatting with your Facebook friends. You will enjoy more at chatting on Messenger. If you want to get signed in at Messenger then just follow those Steps.

Step 1: Open your messenger app on your mobile. Now select “I don’t have Facebook account” and then Continue.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 2: Select your country code and give your mobile number then click on Continue.

Facebook Sign Up

Step 3: Then Facebook will send you a confirmation code at your mobile number. Just type that code at the next page of messenger app.

Facebook Sign Up

Now you have signed up for Facebook using messenger app!


commentFacebook is an amazing place. There are lots of fun stuff to enjoy. You shouldn’t miss this entertaining world of Facebook. Those steps will bring to you, colorful world of Facebook. Happy Facebooking!

If you have any question that related to Facebook signup or faced any problem, then comment your question and problems.

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