50+ Cool Google Tricks List – 2023 Edition

Make fun with google. Here, we listed 50+ cool Google tricks for you. Make your web search experience more interesting with these cool google tricks. Some of these tricks are valuable too. In this post, we will explain you best secrets of Google, Easter eggs, games in a google search, google search tips, google stopwatch and much more. Those will blow your mind. So get ready to know some awesome tips and tricks on google.

Google is a most popular and widely used search engine. It has the biggest traffic among all search engine in the world. We search Google every day for our daily web need. But many of us don’t know google have some secret elements and tricks. Google is full of secrets, Easter eggs. If you know these tips and tricks, you can use google more efficiently. Those things can save your time.

Cool Google Tricks List

Find some awesome google tricks below those you can do by your favorite google search engine. Go through our 50+ cool google tricks list and don’t forget to check examples if you can’t do them properly.

Google Timer

You can use Google as a timer. Search on google “set time for 1 minute”. You can set any time at google timer.

See the example

get correct time on google

Google Sunrise and Sunset Calculator

You can know the exact time of sunset and sunrise of any city. To know sunset and sunrise of any city from Google then search for “sunset sunrise your city“.

See the example

See sunset time on google

Google Translator

You can translate any word in Google. Write on google search box, “word in English” or any language.
See the example

translate with google

Google Zerg Rush

Search for “zerg rush” in Google. You will see “O”s are eating your search page. Click three times to destroy them.

See the example

amazing google zerg rush tirck

Know Person’s Profile or Company Information

You can get information about any company or person using Google. Example: founder of Adidas

See the example

get founder information on google

Google Askew

Search “Askew” on Google and get a Leaning search result!
See the example

amazing Google askew trick

Tip Amount Calculator

You can use Google to calculate your tip amount.
See the example

calulate tips with google

Google Space

Search “Google space” and see Google on space. After searching “Google space” click the first one in Google search result.

See the example

go to space with google space

Google Converter

Google can convert any units. Just like the meter to cent-meter.
See the example

convert with Google Conveter

Google Loop

Search “recrsion” in Google and get stuck in a loop of “Did you mean:“.
See the example

loop with google

#1 Google Do a Barrel Roll

Google will do a Barrel roll for you if you search on Google “do a barrel roll”.

See the example

Do a Barrel Roll with google

Google Weather Forecast Report

Google can show you current weather forecast of any city in the world. Search on Google: Your city forecast

See the example

see Weather Forecast with google

Google Gravity

You can feel the gravity on Google Gravity! Search on Google “Google Gravity” and click the first search result.

See the example

feel the gravity with google

Google terminal

Browse Google like Linux terminal. Search “Google terminal” and click on the first search result.

See the example

get google terminal

Movie, Games Release Date

You can check movie, games release date time by Google. Search on google “Name + release date”.
See the example

see movie games release date on google

Website Index Status

See search result from any particular or special website on Google. Search in google “Site:URL of your website

See the example

get website status on google

Songs List of Band or Artist

Google can find songs from your favorite band or artist.
See the example

see band items on google

Find Books List of Any Writer

You can find books from your favorite writer on Google.
See the example

see written books on google

Images Reverse Search

Google can reversely search any photo by uploading it to google images. Here is the link.
See the example

see google photo search trick

#0 Holidays Details on Google

You can search date of any holidays on google.
See the example

see holidays on google

#1 Find Files on Google

You can find any file any format on google. As for example, search PDF on Google like filetype: pdf painting.
See the example

see file search on google

Bonus: Want to compress your PDF? Use soda pdf.

#2 Google Blink HTML

Search on Google “blink html” and watch blinking HTML fonts in search result!

See the example

see blinking HTML on google

Movie Show Time

Google can tell you show times of any movie in any city.

See the example

see movie time on google

Convert Currency

If you want, Google can convert currency for you.

See the example

convert currency on google

Google Current Location Finder

Google can tell you the current location of yours at this moment.
See the example

see current location on google

Google Math Function(Graph) Plot

Google can show you math function(Graph) plot.
See the example

see function plot on google

Google Flip Coin Tricks

If you want, Google can flip a coin for you. Search for “flip a coin” on Google and see.

See the example

see flip coin trick on google

Google Distance Calculator

You can now calculate the distance between two cities by Google.

See the example

calculate the distance with google

Google Calculator

You can use Google as a calculator. Search “Calc” on Google to get the calculator.

See the example

calculate with google

#0 Google Ping-Pong Ball

Play ping-pong ball in Google image. At first go to Google image, then search “atari breakout” and enjoy the game!

See the example

see atari breake out trick on google

#1 Google Population Growth Rate Calculator

Google will tell you population growth rate of any country.

See the example

see population growth on google

#2 Google IP Address Checker

Google can tell your IP address. Just search on Google “What is my ip” to get your IP address.

See the example

see your ip on google

#3 Google Airlines Flight Status Checker

Google can check your flight status. See the example

get air flight on google

Demographic Details

Get demographic details of any country from Google. See the example
See demographic details on google

Get Animated Picture(GIF)

You can get the Animated picture(GIF) in Google image. Just go to Google image, then Search tool >> types >> Animated. Then you will get tons of animated image.

See the example

get animated image on google

Local Time Checker

Google can tell you the exact local time of your location. See the example

get local time on google

Sports Fixers and Current Scores Checker

You can use google to know sports fixers and current scores. See the example

get sports fixers and current scores on google

Solve Geometric Problems

Google can solve your geometric problems. Just search in Google “solve rectangle“. you can also solve: circle, triangle and many more.

See the example

solve a rectangle on google

Get Great Deals

Google can give you some great deal according to your locations. Just search anything inside equitation mark to get the best deal according to your location. Google will show you suitable deals about Electronics, Computers, Toys, Beauty and much more.

See the example

get deal on google

#0 Customer Service Number of Organization

Google can tell you customer service number of any verified organization. See the example

get customer service number on google

#1 Google Roll a Dice

Google can roll a dice for you. Search “roll a dice” on Google. Then Google will roll the dice for you.

See the example

roll a dice on google

#2 Tourist Attraction

Google will tell you about tourism attraction of any city in the world.

See the example

get tourist attractions on google

#3 Google Stopwatch

You can use Google as a stopwatch. Just Search on Google “Stopwatch” to get this tool.

See the example

get stop watch on google

#4 Tic Tac Toe

You can play Tic Tac Toe on Google. See the example

play Tic Tac Toe on google

Check Current Weather

Check the weather of your current location quietly on Google. Just type “Weather +area code” to get the weather condition of your current location.

See the example

check current weather on google

Google Sphere

Experience Google like a Sphere. Search “Google Sphere” on Google and click on the first search result or See the example

see Google space

Play Solitaire

You can play Solitaire on Google. See the example

play Solitaire on google

Vintage Google

Search “Google in 1998” on Google and see a vintage Google of 1998. See the example

get vintage google

Google Festivus

Search “festivus” in Google and you will see a big festivus standing beside those search results. See the example

Get Festivus on google

Hear Sound of Animal

Search on Google “what sound does a cat make”, then Google will sound like a cat. You can replace the cat with your favorite animal in “what sound does a cat make” to lessen the sound of your favorite animal.

See the example

hear animals sound on google

Google Webdriver Torso

Type “Webdriver torso” on Google, then google logo will turn into several small boxes. See the example

Get Webdriver torso on google

Merry Christmas (New)

Type ‘Christmas’ in the search box and press Enter. Now you will see the special decoration of Google for Christmas.

See the example

get new merry christmas design on google

Google Pacman

Play Pacman on Google. Just search “Google Pacman” on google and play.
See the example

get pac man on google

Google Basketball

Play basketball on google. Just search on google “Google basketball” and play. See the example

Google Tricks of Basketball

Google Soccer

Play soccer on google. Search “Google soccer” on google and play. See the example

Google Tricks of Soccer

Google Vintage Snake Game

Play vintage snake game on Google logo. Just go to here and play.

play vintage snake game on google

So, Those are the best tips and tricks. You can do fun with Google. If you know something new, you can tell us in the comment section. If you want to get more awesome stuff, then please subscribed us via email.

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