How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook

Generally, Mutual friends showed up separately when you enter someone’s profile. In some particular situation, we feel the necessity to hide our mutual friends on Facebook. So, here’s I am explaining how to hide mutual friends on Facebook.

Truly speaking, there’s no option to hide mutual friends from your account instantly. But, I will show you the fast way to how to hide the mutual friends from others. Let’s start it.

How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t provide us any aid to hide our mutual friends. Just follow those mentioned steps carefully, and everything will be ok. Once you are done, your Facebook account won’t show up any mutual friends.

Step #1: Set your Privacy Settings to Only Me

Firstly, login to Facebook & set your friend list Privacy settings to Only Me

Yes, when you don’t set the privacy setting to Only Me, anyone can view your friend list. Also, they get to see all mutual friends of you. So, It’s better to hide them from the public and friends.

  • Click on the Manage(pencil) icon.

Click the pencil icon to get other options

  • Click on Edit privacy.Now click on Edit Privacy option to get more privacy options
  • Set the Privacy Settings of your Friend List to Only me.

Set the privacy settings of your friend list to Only me

Step #2: Tell your Mutual Friend to Change their Privacy Settings

After hiding your friend list, the mutual friends can still show up. If your profile still displaying mutual friends, then you need to consult your mutual friend to change their Privacy Settings to Only me.

When they set Only me at friend list privacy, they won’t appear at your profile as a mutual friend. That’s it!

Step #3: Check your Facebook Profile

Now, you check your Facebook account and surely you won’t see any mutual friends displaying on your profile.

To check how it looks like to public, Just go to your profile and click on ••• > View As. You will see your account as public.

Confirm that if there’s any mutual friend is showing up, or not.

See your profile with Facebook's new feature View as

How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook on Android

It’s also pretty easy to hide your mutual friends on Android. Now, I am going to show you how to hide mutual friends on Facebook Android app.

Step 1: Firstly, open the Facebook app on your phone. In this case, I am using Facebook Lite app.

Step 2: Click on the menu icon.

The menu icon on Facebook lite app

Step 3: Scroll down and go into Privacy Shortcuts option.

The privacy shortcuts on Facebook app

Step 4: Now tap on See more privacy options.

The option to see more privacy settings of your account on Facebook Android app

Step 5: Go to the option, Who can see your friends list?

The option to set who can see my friends list on Facebook app

Step 6: Select Only Me. Done!

Setting Facebook friends list privacy to only me

As you are hiding your entire friend list, likewise you are also hiding mutual friends also. They won’t show up anymore. On the other hand if you wish to have new friends instead of having the known faces forever, you may view Nitreo reviews and promo codes here.

If you want to avoid being displayed as mutual friends on others profile, you have a small task to do.

Hide From being Displayed as Mutual Friend

Sometimes you don’t wanna get seen as mutual friends on others profile. But, evil Facebook doesn’t provide any option to directly stop yourself from displaying as a mutual friend without unfriending them.

So, here I will reveal the hack to cut down the system.

Firstly, edit your Friends List privacy to Only me. If it’s done then check if you are displaying as a mutual friend on your friend’s profile.

If yes, then tell your friend to change their friends list privacy settings to Only me.

After that, no one can see your profile as a mutual friend. Except for Mark Zuckerberg. 

My Experiment:

When I entered into my friend’s Facebook profile, I got my other friends as a mutual friend.

Friends profile showing mutual friends

So, I tell her about this incident and she immediately changes his Friend list privacy settings to Only me.

As a result, now she isn’t displaying as a mutual friend anymore. Done!

no friends on may friends Facebook page

Last Lines

Hopefully, you have known all the things on how to hide mutual friends on Facebook. Or have you any question about it?

Mutual Friend is helpful to find new friends on Facebook. But, sometimes we get trapped in a situation like we have to hide it. And Sometimes friends list also.

However, Facebook doesn’t provide any solution to this, so we made ours.

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  1. hello,
    me and my mutual friends are set as “only me” me on the privacy settings but we both can see our mutual friends.

    i am concerning this because i have 1 friend who hides some mutual friends that i cannot see. i only know that they are friends when i ask our mutual.

    please help me to hide mutual friend.

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