How to Draw a Line in Photoshop

Photoshop is an advanced photo editing software from Adobe. It’s been also listed in Best Free Photo Editing tools. In Photoshop, you will find several tools for drawing a simple line. So, its bit confusing to draw a line in Photoshop, although it’s not easy for beginners. Here we will demonstrate, How to Draw a Line in Photoshop using available tools.

How to Draw a Line in Photoshop

There are so many easy ways to draw a line in Photoshop. Using those tools you can easily start drawing lines on your artboard. You would get those options on all available version of Photoshop.

Method 1: Use Line Tool

Just right-click on Rectangle icon that is located at left-toolbar. Then select Line tool from the menu. Now click on the white canvas and drag it to the end point of the line.

Rectangle tool

Press Shift key to drawing a horizontally or vertically straight line.

Method 2: Use Brush Tool

The brush tool is the second prioritized option for drawing a line. Click on the brush icon or press B key on the keyboard. Then just click on the canvas and press Shift key. Drag your mouse to the end of the line.

Brush tool

If you press Shift while creating the second line, the end of the first line will get connected to the starting point of the second line automatically!

Method 3: Use Pen Tool

The pen tool is quite complex to use. But it’s a great tool, to create unique shapes in Photoshop.

Draw Straight Line: Click on the pen icon from the left-toolbar. Then click on the canvas for once. Press the Shift key and click once again to end your line. Now press Esc key to end the process.

Draw Carved Line: Select the Pen tool and click once to start your line. After that, click again to declare the end of your line and drag your mouse to any direction you want. You will see extra additional lines, what indicates the position of the curved line.

Pen tool

Customize Your Line

You can Customize your Line by using top-toolbar in Photoshop.  Here you can change width, color, size and other elements of Line.

Add Arrowhead to your Line

How to add an arrowhead to a line? First of all, select line tool. Then click on gear icon that is located at the top toolbar. Here you can find all options to apply arrowhead to your line.

Last Word

commentPhotoshop’s user interface isn’t that easy. You just have to keep practicing to be perfect. Use one of the tools and start practicing to drawing lines. Remember the line is the basic drawing practice that lets you start drawing on Photoshop. Once you learn to draw lines, you can go forward to drow more complex shapes.


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