How to Get Color Code from Website, Image or Anything

Get exact color code from website / image / paint / Photoshop / word / excel / anything you want, just a movement of your mouse as HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK, HSV.

Here is step by step guide, how to pick color code by a simple 11kb free color picker tool on windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 8, windows 7, windows XP, Vista.

Why is Exact Color Coding Important?

Color Code or Color Value is a system of indicating or marking anything by different features with various color values by which we can display any information.

Exact color is need for showing specific information especially for designers and webmasters who work everyday with thousands of color code. There has so many processes to obtain color code like color code picker, color code chart, color code image etc.

But finding out exact color is so difficult. I think you faced this difficulty. So, we need a solution to find the exact color code which will fulfill the exact criteria of any information you want to show.

How to Find Color Code?

pick right Color Code
A freeware “Pixie” designed and developed by Nattyware software company which is so easy to pick or find the exact color code. I was in problem when I try to match exact color of any design like logo design for my website and matching the color of the logo with background color was so difficult for me.

Yeah color matching was similar but not exact color. So, I searched for that can help me to overcome this difficulty. Finally I got this freeware and really I’m surprised about it’s working capacity.

Now it’s so easy for me to find out exact color for my design or any such type of work. Really it’s an amazing software and thanks to Nattyware software company for such a great software.

Benefits of Using Pixie Color Picker Tool

This is an amazing color picking/detecting software in a word. You can use this software on Windows, XP, Vista or 7 platform. It’s a freeware so you don’t need to pay any extra money.

It is also available in portable form so it will not use any extra disk space of you computer. It’s a only 11kb software so you don’t need to hesitate using this software.

And most important thing about pixie is it’s using method which is so much easy for any user even if you know nothing about color codes.

By using this you can get hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV color code and then use this code to reproduce same color on your favorite program just pointing the mouse on the color.

How to Get Color Code by Pixie

Step-1: First of all, you have to download the Pixie software from official site here.

find color code by picker

Step-2: As you can see three download option under ‘Download Pixie now:’. You can download it from as a portable application (exe, 11Kb) or in a ZIP archive (zip, 8.9kb). So click on any of the first two for downloading the amazing color picker.

Step-3: Now double click on the application and run the application. After installation it will look like this.

how to get color code

Step-4: Place the mouse on the pixie software, it will show like above mentioned photo.

Step-5: Now how to pick a color code? Just place your mouse pointer on desired color of any website or image or anything else and it will show like this.

get the Color Code

Step-6: Just press Ctrl+Alt+C and it will copy your desired code automatically. Now use your code to reproduce you favorite color that is exactly your desired color.

Find Color Code: FAQ

How to Get Color Code from Image?

As you have already downloaded and installed the color picker pixie, open it. After opening, just place your mouse over the image. It will show the color code as HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK, HSV. Now use the exact color code from any image.

How to Get Color Code from Website?

Open pixie color code picker tool and place your mouse over the color of website which one is you want to copy. It will show the color code as HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK, HSV. Now copy color code for your purpose.

Where to Find Color Code?

I have explained it above. Just open pixie color picker and place your mouse pointer over the colored object. It will show color code as HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK, HSV. Now use color code for your purpose.

Find Color Code: Conclusions

Pixie is one of the best color picker tool. I think you will find this software useful to find the color code for your work and don’t hesitate to comment if you face any problem. bNewTech is always for you.

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