How to Go Live on Facebook

Facebook has introduced a new concept of live broadcasting that is Facebook Live. It’s a new feature on Facebook and it has gained huge popularity all around the world in a very short time. You must be sure that in this moment minimum one of the Facebook users is using Facebook Live. If you want to be one of them, here we will guide you. In this tutorial, we will cover how to go live on Facebook via Facebook Live feature.

If you are a crazy user of the social network, you must know about Facebook. It’s worlds leading social network platform and its own most of the users among all social network platform. Facebook is also known for their interactive interface and new features. Facebook always try to bring new features and technology to their users.

What is Facebook Live?

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Facebook Live is a concept of live broadcasting over the internet. Using any smart device user can broadcast anything over the internet live. The live broadcast can be watched by any Facebook user. Also, the broadcaster can see live views and comments on their live video. That lets the broadcaster to interact with views.

Another mentionable side is, real-time reactions will also float through the live video that also looks amazing. Users can react – Happy, Sad, Love, Cry and Angry at the live video and the live reaction will be instantly pop up during the live video.

Benefits of Facebook Live

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If you are a celebrity, you can interact with your fans using the Facebook Live. If you don’t have any fan following, then you can also create a fan base using Facebook Live, You can introduce and advertise your product to your customers. Facebook live also lets you take live public reaction on any topic. If you are a traveler, you can also roam around the world with your friends. It’s all possible because of Facebook Live.


Who can use Facebook Live

At the initial stage, Facebook Live where only available for celebrities with a public figure. I mean, it was only available for Facebook pages. But recently Facebook has enabled Facebook Live for all users. So, now you don’t have to be a celebrity to use Facebook Live. You can just go live directly from your any Facebook account.

What do you need to go Live on Facebook?

To get a life, you should have some compulsory elements.

☑ Smart device with a camera.

☑ Working internet connection.

☑ Facebook profile/page.

How to Go Live on Facebook

If you want to go live on Facebook using your profile or page, you can do it by following some simple steps.

Step 1: At the starting, open your smartphone and connect it with an internet connection.

Step 2: Now open your Facebook account. Then at the top, click on the post composition box.

Note: If you are on your timeline, you will see the message – what on your mind at the post composition box. In your page will see ‘write something’.

Step 3: At the bottom part of your post composition post you will get a live icon. Just click on it.

Step 4: Then you will get a primary screen of Facebook Live. Click on Continue.

Step 5: Write a description of your Facebook Live post. Then select your Live video privacy settings. You can set it only me, Friends, public or other advanced options also. But you may want to share your live video with your friends.

Note: you can also add your feelings, locations, tag some at your Facebook live video.

Step 6: At the end click on the blue Go Live option. Click on Finish button to stop the live streaming.

Now, you will get to the life with a countdown. Your Live video will be shown to your Facebook friends, fan’s timeline. When you go live instantly, your followers get a notification that you live!

During Live video, you can
👉 Switch your smart phone’s form and back camera
👉 Add effects to your live video.
👉 Like comments that of people who comment on your video.
👉 You can also to invite peoples from the comment section(available only in Android)

After you finish your Facebook live video, your video will get saved in your page/profile automatically. You can also edit the description, delete it, pin it on the top of your timeline.

Best Facebook Live Example

Here are some popular Facebook Live videos, It may take some time to load the live video.

Conclusion: Facebook Live

So, if you have faced any critical issue about Facebook live, then you can add it to the comment section. We will help you to solve your question.

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