How to Set an Alarm on MacBook

How to Set an Alarm on MacBook? If you are a MacBook user and wants to set up an alarm, then you have come to the right place. Here I will explain to you the easy way to set an alarm on Mac with step-by-step instructions.

Although, there are lots of alarm software’s that is available in the iTunes Store for alarm.

But at first, I will show you the trick to set alarm using your MacBook’s build in functions.

How to Set an Alarm on MacBook

If you want to set an alarm on the MacBook without any additional software, then you must follow this process.

Here I will use the default calendar app on your MacBook.

Using this app, you can also sync your alarm with other iCloud enabled Apple devices.

Step 1: Firstly, click on the calendar icon. The calendar must be located on Dock.

The MacBook calendar icon

Note: If you can’t find Calendar icon on Dock, then click on Go menu and select calendar icon from the applications section.

Step 2: Now set your desired date from the calendar.

Selecting a date on MacBook calender

Then set a name for the alarm.

Naming the alarm on MacBook

Step 3: Now set the start time where the alarm will start. And the End time of the alarm.

The start and end time of the alarm

Step 4: Select “Custom” option in the Alert section.

Step 5: At the first drop-down menu, select Message with sound option. In the second drop-down menu, you have to select a sound from the list.

Setting up a custom alarm on MacBook

Note: If you want to set custom sounds, then click ‘Open file’ and select your sound from your computer hard drive.

Step 6: In Last drop-down menu, select ‘At the time of Event’ and click OK.

How to Set an Alarm on MacBook With Software

It’s become so easy to set an alarm on MacBook with Alarm Clock 2 software. You can download it from iTunes app store. However, if you have finished downloading process then just go through those steps.

Step 1: Click on the Alarm icon that has appeared on your Dock after installing Clock 2 software.

The Alarm Clock icon on MacBook

Step 2: Now, chose New Alarm option.

The option to set new alarm on MacBook

Step 3: Select Alert Time & Alarm Date from the appeared window.

Note: If you want to repeat your alarm for other weekdays, then select ‘Reputing alarm’.

Step 4: Click on Ok option.

For visual instruction, look at this:

Last Word

commentIn short, you can set an alarm on your MacBook quiet easily.

It’s not a big matter if you follow our instruction as shown above.

After setting the alarm you can easily use the alarm feature on your MacBook. And it will also work in sleep mood.



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