How To Turn Off Xbox One Controller

It is not uncommon among the gamers community that they bought the wireless Xbox One controller and after playing on mobile or PC via Bluetooth, they don’t know how to turn it off. Some may try taking out the batteries or cable while others wait for it to turn itself off. Its quite annoying.

But turning off Xbox One controller is super easy, as easy as a button press.

How To Turn Off A Wireless Xbox One Controller

There are two different ways to turn off your Xbox one controller. Here, I’m going to show you two different methods to turn off your Xbox one controller.


Turn Off Xbox One Controller

  1. In the controller find the Xbox light button in the center top.
  2. Go ahead and press and hold this button for 6 seconds.
  3. It will turn off your controller.

Now you can see the Xbox one button’s light has turned off. If you want to turn on the controller to the Xbox one, just press the Xbox button once again. It will sync up to your console. No need to do anything else.


Turn off Xbox one controller

  1. Press and hold the Xbox button until the power menu opens on the screen.
  2. It will be going to pop open the big menu and this menu will allow you to turn off your console, turn off your controller or restart your Xbox one.
  3. Now turn the controller off.

You can also use this method to turn off your console and restart your Xbox one.

So, this is easy, right?
Feel free to comment below if you can’t figure out the methods.

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