How to Use a Phone As a Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth Dongle is a USB based adapter device. If your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth then you can use it to connect your computer to another Bluetooth device. But if you want to use your phone instead of Bluetooth dongle, then you have come to the right place. Here we will talk about, how to use a phone as a Bluetooth dongle.

How to Use a Phone as a Bluetooth Dongle

First of all, you can’t use your Phone (Android, Windows, iOS, and others) as a Bluetooth receiver for your computer device. The system doesn’t permit you to work this way. It’s better to use a Bluetooth Dongle to connect other Bluetooth devices to your computer.

But there’s one way to use your Phone internet connection on your computer device Then here’s how you can do it on Android phone.

Step 1: At first, connect your smartphone to your computer device with USB cables.

Step 2: Now install your phone’s driver on your computer device.

Step 3: Open ‘Settings’ on your phone. Then go to Network & Internet.

Step 4: Now open Hotspot & tethering section and turn on USB tethering option.

So, now you can use your phone internet connection on your computer

👉 You can’t use your phone to receive Bluetooth signal from your computer.
👉 It’s simpler to use an USB-based Bluetooth dongle If your computer doesn’t have the Bluetooth functionality.
👉 You will find a USB-based Bluetooth dongle in low price on any online shop.

commentAbove all, you have to agree that, it’s not possible to use your phone as a Bluetooth dongle for your computer. We recommend you to use a Bluetooth dongle instead. It’s quite cheap in price and easy to use.


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