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i-Ready is an online based learning content and solution provider for K-12 grades students. i-Ready works based on district, school. i-Ready provides their learning solution and online programs nationwide. However, you can get access to their online services via your personal account. See the i-Ready login process to get access to your online account securely.

They have approved by the state of New York, Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Utah. i-Ready is one of the most used learning diagnostics. In i-Ready, more than 2,000,000 diagnostics has been taken.

Features: i-Ready analyze the ability of students based on some unique technology. Every student gets different types of instructions according to their ability. With i-Ready now teacher can see the grade level(below, on, above) of every student and the ability of any specific student. i-Ready can also group students that have the same type of abilities.

Result sheet: i-Ready’s agonistic result is easy to understand and use. In the Result sheet, student and teacher can identify what is the street point of students. In result sheet, they can also get next level instructions that will help students to grow their study grade. Students will get those instructions based on their previous instruction result.

i-Ready Requirements

i-Ready has some hardware requirements for their online account. You have to fulfill their requirement to get the i-Ready online account and other learning resources.

Your computer must meet the minimum hardware requirement to use i-Ready. If you are using Windows OS, then you need CPU: Core i3 2.5 GHz or better, Video Ram: 256 MB. If you are using OS X, then minimum CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, RAM: 2GB, Video RAM: 256 MB or higher of You can check, if your computer is eligible for i-Ready.

Browser: In Case of windows you must have to use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser to use i-Ready. You can also use the mobile application of i-Ready on your iPhone device.

i-Ready Login on Computer

If your computer has the minimum hardware requirement of i-Ready, then you can use this process. Here you need to build a secure and safe internet connection on your computer. In your computer device, you can complete your instruction and courses of i-Ready.

Step 1: If your internet connection is working on your computer then just open the web browser. Here you have to open the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser or you can also use your OS default browser. Other browsers are not allowed. Using your computer browser go to the login page of i-Ready.

Step 2: Then you will get the login page of i-Ready with all online account-related options. At the ‘User login’ box, there is three option. At the first option, you have to enter your Username of i-Ready online account. Then you have to provide the password for your account. After that, select your State and click on Go! Option.

i-Ready Login

i-Ready Login on Mobile App

The i-ready online account is not available for the mobile device, but you can use the mobile application of i-Ready mobile application on your iPhone. The name of the mobile app is i-Ready Standards Mastery.

Step 1: At first, download the i-Ready Standards Mastery mobile app from Apple Store.

Step 2: If you completed the downloading, navigate to the login page of i-Ready. After getting the login page of i-Ready, you have to provide your online account information. First, provide your Username and Password for an i-Ready online account. At last, provide your State information and click on the Go! option.

i-Ready Login

i-Ready Forgot Password

If you are a student, then you should contact your teacher and your teacher will recover your i-Ready online account. It’s that simple.

But if you are a teacher or administrator and forgotten your password then you should use this process.

Step 1: Go to the login page of i-Ready with your eligible device.

Step 2: Then click on the option named Forgot Username/Password?.

i-Ready Login

Step 3: From the ‘I’m a Teacher / Administrator’ section select Password and provide that information. At first, you have to Enter your Username. Then you have to provide the Email address of yours that was associated with i-Ready. Select your State and click on the Submit option.

i-Ready Login

Note: If you forgot the Username of your account follows the next method.

i-Ready Forgot Username

Step 1: Go to the login page and click on the Forgot Username/Password? Option.

i-Ready Login

Step 2: Then select Username from ‘I’m a Teacher / Administrator’ section.

Step 3: Provide your Email that was included in your i-Ready online account. Click on the Submit option.

i-Ready Login

Those steps will help you to recover your i-Ready online account if you are a teacher or Administrator at i-Ready. If you still facing any problem at i-Ready, then you can comment in the comment box.

Last Lines

i-Ready is one of the most growing k-12 learning components. We hope that instruction will help you to know and understand i-Ready and their online account. In the feature, if you need any help or face problem you can comment here. What’s your review of i-Ready? If you liked, don’t forget to share.

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