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The full form of ICICI is Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India. By its name, you may imagine that ICICI Bank is India multination banking and the financial corporation that provides many kinds of financial, insurance and banking products and services all over India. However, they also provide online banking services.  That’s why you require ICICI Bank login process.

ICICI bank is situated at a 3rd position in terms of market capitalization. ICICI has lots of subsidiaries for investment, life insurance, asset management and much more. ICICI has also established their branches in UK and Canada. They have also subsidiary in more than 15 countries.

ICICI Bank Login Process

ICICI is also known for their online banking service. They offer many kinds of online account according to their plan. In this tutorial, we will cover the login process of ICICI online banking account. We will slabs add that how you can get another online account at ICICI. An online account can change your lifestyle and save you from other problem and sufferings. Control your bank account from your online account!

ICICI Bank Login on Computer

You can use your ICICI online account from your personal computer and get access to other available options. To get into ICICI online account, you have to make sure you have a working net connection for your computer. Before starting the login, process gathers all information about your ICICI bank account.

Step 1: If you have properly ensured the internet connection at your current computer, then open any of your web browsers and search for official ICICI Bank login page.

Step 2: Now you have to input all correct information about your ICICI online banking account to get into your account. At first, you have to provide your UserID that is being used at your ICICI on lien account. Then include your ICICI online banking password at the next box. Then click on Log-in.

ICICI Bank Login

Note: You can select any section of your online banking account to get it right after you get logged in. Select one of that keyboard option to get on-screen keyboard.

ICICI Bank Login

ICICI Bank Login on Mobile Device

Mobile banking is one of the popular and most used products of today’s banking sector. Mobile banking has reduced the pain of banking task in lots of ways. You can check your balance, deposit-transfer your fund from your mobile device. Of course, there are lots more options for your online banking at ICICI mobile banking account.

Step 1: At first you should make sure that your internet connection is alarming. Then open you’re any internet browser and go to the official website of ICICI Bank mobile login.

Step 2: Now you will get this authorized login page from your ICICI online banking. So, at first, use your ICICI online banking User ID at the first bank option. Then input the right password of your banking account. Then directly click on the Log-in option.

ICICI Bank Login

At ‘Start In’ section, you can select any part of your ICICI online banking account, that you want to see first when you get logged in.

ICICI Bank Login on Mobile App

ICICI has also created a mobile banking App from their bank account, holder. This App can only use the account holder of ICICI online banking. In this mobile app, you can help you to view your account status, transfer fund, send cash using ICICI Cardless Cash facials, monitor your transaction, view personal offers, get banking statistics and you can also manage your ICICI life insurance plan.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to download it from your App Store. Be sure that you are using the official and the latest version of ICICI Bank, otherwise, it could get worse.

Download it from Google Play

Download it from Apple Store

Download it from Windows Store

Step 2: Then, you have to activate your current mobile number with this ICICI mobile banking App. Click on OK, Got It.

ICICI Bank Login on mobile app

Step 3: Click on Activate Now. Then, ICICI will send you an SMS with your current mobile number to check that if your mobile number is associated with ICIC Bank. If yes you can get access to ICICI Mobile Banking App. After verifying your mobile number, you can get into this mobile banking app using your ICICI online banking account User ID and Password.

ICICI Bank Login activation on mobile app

If your mobile has not been registered with your ICICI Bank account then you might not get access to this App.

ICICI Bank Forgot Password

Sometimes you may forget the password of your ICICI Bank online account. If you ever forgot your password this process should be followed.

Step 1: Go to the login page of ICICI Bank online account from your own device. You can click on this spot to get ICICI Bank online accounting quickly.

Step 2: Now click on the marked Get Password option.

ICICI Bank LoginStep 3: Then you will get another window, click on ‘CLICK HERE TO PROCEED’ option.

ICICI Bank Login

Step 4: Enter your ICICI Bank online User ID and click GO.

ICICI Bank Login

Step 5: Now write the mobile number of yours that was associated with your ICICI Bank account.

Then you might provide more information to ICICI Bank to prove your identity. After providing your Identity, you will get the option to change your ICICI Bank online account password.

Last Lines

So, those processes can be followed to get a better and secured access to your ICICI Bank account. Be aware of any hacker, make your account as strong and possible. Raise awareness towards your banking account. Using strong and secure password may increase your account security. IF you have any kinds of problem about ICICI Bank account, then comment your problem here. If you like ICICI, you can share it with others.

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