How to Make Gmail Look Like Outlook

If you are a Microsoft fan and don’t want to use Gmail on its traditional layout, then here is the solution for your problem. As like you, many people like the simple layout of Microsoft Outlook email service. It’s simple and effective user interface. But in few cases, you may get forced to use a Gmail account. It can give you a massive headache to switch between Gmail and Outlook because both of them has a different user interface. Don’t worry, if you want you can also turn your Gmail account into an Outlook account. Here we will discuss, how to make Gmail look like Outlook.

How to Make Gmail Look Like Outlook

Here is the primary and main trick about how to make Gmail look like Outlook account. Using this process, you will get a fresh and simple Outlook user interface in your Gmail account. Wants to know the full process? Here are all the steps.

Step 1: Firstly, login to your Gmail account using your web browser.

Step 2: From the inbox page, click on Gear icon. It’s located at the upper-right corner of the screen.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook gear icon

Step 3: Then select Settings.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook settings option

Step 4: From the settings page, click on Labs option.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook labs section

Step 5: Now search for Preview Pane.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook search preview pane

Step 6: Select enable the option in the Preview Pane section.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook preview pane enabling

Step 7: Click on Save Changes button.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook save changes

Step 8: Go to your inbox, at the upper-right side you will get a new button called ‘Toggle split pane mood’. Besides that, click on the upside-down arrow.

Click on the upside down arrow

Step 9: Select Vertical Split.

click on the vertical split option

That’s all, now you will get the basic Outlook inbox user interface. Was’nt it easy?

Turn off Conversation View (optional)

In Gmail, when you open an email, you will get emails with Conversation view. But this feature looks different from Outlook. If you want to turn off the conversation view in your Gmail account, then follow this instruction.

Step 1: Click on Gear icon.

click on the gmail gear icon

Step 2: Select, Settings from the menu.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook settings option

Step 3: Now go to Conversation View section and select, Conversation view off option.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook turn of convertation view

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes button.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook save changes of conversation view

Now you will see your emails in your inbox, like Outlook.

Add Calendar (optional)

One of the most popular features of Outlook is a calendar. You can integrate your Outlook account with a calendar. But in Google’s Gmail, you won’t find the calendar option. You have to add it manually. Here is the full process for it.

Step 1: Click on Gear icon in the upper-right corner.

Step 2: Select Settings option.

Step 3: Go to Labs section.

Step 4: Now search for Google Calendar gadget and select Enable.

Step 5: Click on Save changes.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook enable google calander

Note: you have to click on the 3-dot button at the lower-right side of your Gmail screen.

How_to_Make_Gmail_Look_Like_Outlook google calander

So, now your Gmail account has completely turned into Outlook. It’s not real outlook, but your Gmail account will look like an Outlook account.

The Bottom Line

👉 You can also make your Gmail account looks like before. Just select ‘No Split’ from toggle split page mood button.
👉 To disable any Lab effect on your Gmail, just go to Settings > Labs then select ‘Disable’ option and click on ‘Save changes’ button.
👉 Those process will not turn your Gmail account into an Outlook account. It will give user interface of Outlook.

commentThat’s how you should do if you want to make your Gmail account looks like Outlook. This will help you to adjust yourself to a new(Gmail) email service. It would not give the Microsoft simple and metro design effect, but it looks as same as Outlook user interface. We hope that, you have known all about, how to make Gmail look like outlook.

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