How to Sign In to Pandora Radio

Pandora is a famous and most known online music service provider. The alternative name for Pandora is Pandora Radio! here Users can stream their favorite music over online. Mainly Pandora is available in United States, Australian, and New Zealand only. Pandora gives the users a personalized music experience. However, here we will mention the process of Pandora login for all platform.

About – They will only play that song or music you love. You just have to select your favorite artist and start listening. If you don’t like any music track on Pandora, you can give negative feedback(Thums down) and if you love any music, then you can also give positive feedback(Thums up). Pandora/Pandora Radio was produced by Pandora Media, Inc in 2000.

Process of Sign In to Pandora Radio

Pandora is an online Music provider and you have to use their services through online. So, that’s why you need an online account to browse and listen to your favorite music securely on Pandora Radio. Pandora Radio arranges songs and music according to users taste and choice.

So, The online account is so important to use Pandora. All your favorite songs and genre will get saved and Pandora Radio will provide your favorite music according to your online account usage. The online account of Pandora can use on any Computing device, Mobile device or other smart devices. You can get your Pandora online account in web format and mobile application format. To use the mobile application you have to use the Pandora login process.

How to Sign In to Pandora Radio on Computer

You can browse your Pandora online account on any internet-connected device. So, at first, we will discuss Pandora online account login on the computer device. On computer device, you can easily get into the web and list your favorite music at Pandora Radio. You just have to go through those steps.

Step 1: Connect the internet to your Computer device. just follow the internet connectivity procedure according to your Computer device(Desktop/Laptop).

Step 2: After connecting the internet connection you have to open most trusted and verified web browser of your computer device. Then just go to the Pandora login page.

Step 3: So, then you will get a login page with a blue colored screen. Here you will see some options associated with Pandora Radio online account online account. So, you have to do those things now,

  • At the first white option, you have to write your Email address that was added to your Pandora Radio account.(Ex:[email protected])
  • Then you have to put your Password at the next option. You have to maintain the correct case of worlds wheel typing the password.

Pandora Sign in

Step 4: Click on the Sign in option.

Note: You will see an option named ‘Remember me’ that is located under Sign in option. If you want to save your Pandora Radio online account for next login process, you can check into this option. Otherwise, you can uncheck the option.

How to Sign In to Pandora Radio on Mobile Phone

As we said earlier that Pandora is available on any smart device that is currently connected to the internet. Even you can also use your Pandora/Pandora Radio on your any smart mobile device. Yes, it doesn’t matter whether its big screen or not. You can easily get your Pandora online account and enjoy your favorite music and songs. So, if you are interested, then you should start the process.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to connect the net connection to your mobile device.

Step 2: After connecting the internet connection you have to open the web browser that you trust most.

Step 3: Go to the official mobile login page of Pandora.

Step 4: Then just provide your Pandora account credentials serially. At first, you have to provide your Email address that was listed on your Pandora Radio online account(Ex:[email protected]). If you have provided the Email, then you just have to include the Password.

Pandora Login ways

Step 5: Click on the option named Sign in option.

Note: The ‘ Remember me’ option is also available at mobile internet browser. So, if you want to save your Pandora Radio account in your mobile internet browser, then you just have to check in at this option. If you don’t want to save your Pandora Radio online account, then un-check the option.

How to Sign In to Pandora Radio on App

Pandora Radio is also available for mobile users. The name of the application is Pandora Music. Here you can play music, listen to your favorite artists, provide feedback with thrums up or thumbs down. It will provide you personalized music experience that you love, and it’s that simple.

Step 1: First, download it. You can use one of those links.

Download Pandora Music from Google Play

Download Pandora Music from Apple Store

Download Pandora Music from Windows Phone

Step 2: If you have finished the downloading process, then open it up. Then you have to provide your Pandora Radio online account associated Email address([email protected]).Then add your Password correctly and click on the Sign in option.

How to Reset Pandora Password

If you are a user of Pandora Radio and can’t remember the Password of your account, then you should do this.

Step 1: Take your computer or mobile device and go to the login page of Pandora Radio.

Step 2: Then click on the option that is located just beside the Password box. You can get it at the red marked place.

Pandora password recovery

Step 3: You will get this page. Just write your Email address that was used on your Pandora Radio account. Then click on Email me.

Pandora password reset guide

So, that will help you to recover your Pandora Radio online account if you forgot the Password.

Last Lines: How to Sign In to Pandora Radio

You can enter into your Pandora account using Pandora login process and start listening to your favourate songs. If you ever forgot your password, just change it using the mentioend password reste process.

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