Pinterest Login – How to Guide

Pinterest is a well known social networking site which is based on sharing(pinning) visual images and videos. Pinterest is a big storage of information and many inspirational kinds of stuff. Here I will show you a fast and easy way of Pinterest Login.

If you have liked anything on Pinterest, you can pin it(bookmark) easily. Pinterest will always inspire you to explore and enjoy the environment. You can browse your favorite content and share them with everyone like Instagram.

Pinterest Login Processes

If you want to use all those features of Pinterest on your own device, you have to get logged in on your own device.

Pinterest can be used on Computer, Laptop, Android, and others. Pinterest is a portable account, So, you can use Pinterest from anywhere in the world. They don’t restrict anyone to attempt Pinterest login. It’s free for people all over the world.

Pinterest Login on Computer

If you are using your computer device, then you should follow these steps. Make sure you have your username and password on hand.

Step 1: At first, set up a secure internet connection. Then open your web browser and go to

Step 2: Then you will see the official website of Pinterest. There will be a login box in the middle of the screen. The log in the box included some options you have to fill those empty options with the right information. You have to do,

  • Give your Email address that was associated with Pinterest.
  • Input the correct password of your Pinterest account at the next option.

At the end click on the Continue button.

Pinterest Login

Now you will get redirected to your Pinterest account! Now you will be able to browse Pinterest anytime from your device.

Pinterest Login on Mobile Browser

Pinterest is a portable account. You can use Pinterest on any mobile device using your Pinterest account. If you are using your Mobile device to log in to Pinterest, then follow this method,

Step 1: Make sure you have a well-connected internet connection on your mobile device. Then open your browser and search for Pinterest’s or you can go here.

Step 2: At the began, you will get the login options. Just give your Email address at the first option of the page and then write the correct password of your Pinterest account and hit Continue option.

Pinterest Login

After that, you will get access to your Pinterest account through your mobile device.

Pinterest Login on App

Pinterest has their own App that makes browsing more comfortable. You can do all of the tasks, that is possible on another device. Using this App anyway can find, save, Collaborate interesting ideas. You can also save anything around the web that you have liked, just using the Pin it features. If you want to use this Pinterest App on your any mobile device, you have to get logged in. You should maintain those steps for Sing in.

Here’s how you can access the Pinterest app.

Pinterest Login


Step 1: Download the latest version of the Pinterest App from your own App Store.

Download Pinterest App from Google PlayApple Store or Windows Store

Step 2: After completing the Download and installing process just open this App. At the starting, you will get the welcome screen of Pinterest App. The welcome Screen has 3 options. Those are Continue with Email, Continue with Facebook and Continue with Google. Select one of those options.

Pinterest Login

Step 3: If you have selected Continue with Email, then you will get an option for Password. Just enter the correct password of your Pinterest account and click on login option.

Pinterest Login

Note: If you want to log in to your Pinterest account using Facebook, then click on Continue with a Facebook option. Then a Facebook login box will pop up on your screen. Just give your Facebook credential and click on Log in.

Pinterest Login

  • In the case of Continue with Google, just up your Google address at the first option and then give the password of your Google account then hit Enter.

Pinterest Login

Now you will be able to use all those features of Pinterest App using your Mobile device.

Forgot Pinterest Password

If you have lost recent password of your Pinterest account and willing to recover your Pinterest account, then follow this method to recover your Pinterest account,

Step 1: At first you have to get the login page of Pinterest. Click here to get the login page.

Step 2: Now click on Forgot your password?

Pinterest Login

Step 3: After that, you will get a box for resetting the password. Just give your Email address and click on Send.

Input your email address to recover your Pinterest account

Now you will get a verification message. Just follow the instruction of this email and you will be able to recover Pinterest account!

Last Lines

So, That’s all for Pinterest Sing in and Password recovery process. Hope that information will help you to understand the core of Pinterest account usage. It will surely help you in every sing in process and password recovery. If you have more problems, just comment it here. We will check it.

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