How to Put a Border in Google Docs

Putting a border is one of the best ways to make your presentation more attractive. Also, adding a border to an image will give a decorated look easily.  the border will separate your image from sounding contents. But there’s no such a one-click way to add a border to Google Doc. Don’t worry, where we will implement the process of How to Put a Border in Google Docs.

About Google Docs – Google Doc is a free web-based word processing service from Google. Here you can type texts, add images and make presentation easily.

How to Put a Border in Google Docs

To add a border to your Google Docs, you can follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Log into your Google Docs account.

Step 2: Open existing or new Google Doc file.

Step 3: Click on the Insert option at the top.

Click on the Insert menu to get more options

Note: If you opened an existing document, cut the document by pressing Ctrl + X.

Step 4: Now go to Table.

Click on Table option from the Insert menu

Step 5: An array of boxes will get appeared. Press the single box at the top right corner.

Click on the first squire box of the first row

Step 6: You will get and single fielded table with a border.

Now you will get a box with thin boarder on your Google Doc

Step 7: Now create new or paste the existing writing in the box.

Here's how a Google Docs presentation will look like with a border

Note: Press Ctrl + C to past your existing work in the bordered box.

Done! You have added a border to your Google Docs. The border will definitely increase the attractiveness of your Google Docs. To make it look more good, you can customize the border Hight, width, and colors. You can also add to images on Google Docs to make it more stylish.

How to Put Borders Around Pictures on Google Docs

You can also apply a border around images on your Google Docs. Applying border will surely make your picture more attractive. Also, it won’t get mixed with other content of the page. To add a border around an image on Google Doc, you hove to follow this method.

Step 1: Open a Google Docs that contains an image.

Step 2: Click on the image that you want to apply the border.

Select the picture you wants to add border around

Step 3: Then click on the Border Width option from the header option.

Click the border width option to get width size options

Step 4: Chose the size of the border to apply.

Chose the size of border to apply

Step 5: Done!

Here's what an image would look like with border surrounded

To apply dashes on the border, click on the Border Dash option. It will apply the selected dash style to your image border. However, you can also customize other properties of the border to look it more decorated.

Customize the Boarder in Google Docs

You can simply place your cursor on the table border and adjust the height according to your need. But you can’t customize the width of the table with one click. Here’s how you can change the width of your table border.

Step 1: Right-click on an empty space in the table border.

Step 2: Click on Table properties… option from the appearing menu.

Select the Table properties option from the pop-up menu

Step 3: At table border section, you can customize the width and color of the border.

Select the width and color of your border width on table properties window

Note: you can also get Border Width and Border Dash option on the right side of the heading options. That option will help you to customize the border size or apply border dash from Google Docs interface.

You can also customize border size and dashes with heading options of your Google Doc

Customizing the border will help you to make a perfect adjustment to your Google Doc. If you want to apply other changes to your Google Docs border, you can change other properties also.


Google Docs is way easier tool as a word-processing tool. You can create documents and presentation on Google Docs with less effort. As like you can add border easily to your Google Docs or images. Also, customizing the border is another amazing option to play with.

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