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QLink (known as Q-Link Wireless) is a telecommunication organization of United States. With local government, Q-Link provides the Lifeline services to all low-income Americans. In Lifeline program, they offer free telecommunication facilities to every low-income individual. See how you can access to your online account using QLink login.

According to this program, QLink provides free nationwide monthly calling, free texting and free(500MB) monthly data. If you get run out of any free offer, you can also add refill anytime with a Q-link low-cost data plan.

QLink Login Process

With Qlink online account, we can manage many important tasks. In addition, all Q-link options and plans can be managed by the online account.

It will surely reduce your all sufferings with Qlink. In this tutorial, we will show you the process of Qlink login options for different devices.

QLink Login on Computer

Personal Computer or Laptop device is today’s one of the most popular devices for surfing the internet. So, if anyone wants their Q-link online account on a Computer, this process would be helpful to the team.

Step 1: At first make sure you have a proper internet connection on your computer device. Then per your web browser and search for Q link login. You can also go over here if you having trouble to find the login page.

Step 2: Then you will get the login page of Q-Link. Here you will get all option related to Qlink account. So, you just have to do this,

  • At the first option, you have to enter the Login(username) or Email address of yours that was used at your Q-Link online account.
  • Then you have to include your Q-Link online account password at the second option.

At the end click on the Log In option to get access to your Q-Link online account from the computer device.


QLink Login on Mobile Device

You can also use the Qlink login process on your phone and access your account. It will be easier to manage your Q-Link plan, check your Lifeline offers from your mobile device. In fact, you can also get into your Q-Link online account from any place, even if you are outside. You just have configured a secure and properly working internet connection on your smartphone/mobile device.

Here’s how you can login to your Q-link account on mobile.

Step 1: After managing the internet connection, you have to go into the web browser on your mobile device. Then simply search for Q Link login or you can go to QLink login page (https://qlinkwireless.com/members/login.aspx).

Step 2: If you have got the login page of Q-Link member account, you have to fill those blank options with correct answers. At the first option, you have to put your Login(Username) or Email address that was linked to Q-Link account. After that, you have included the right password of your Q-Link account and click on the Log In option.


QLink Mobile App

Here comes the official mobile app of Q-Link! It’s called Q Link Wireless Zone. This Q-Link mobile app will provide you the access to your account with easy QLink login. Using your Q-Link online account, you can add refill and manage your plan at Q-Link Warless Zone. It’s an easy and shortcut way for all Q-Link users to manage their plan with their fingertips!

Step 1: You have to get the official release of Q Link Wireless Zone App from your authorized App Store.

Download Q Link Wireless from Google play

Step 2: If you have downloaded and installed Q Link Wireless App on your mobile device, then just open it. You will get redirected a login page using a web browser. Here you will get a couple of blank option to fill up with the right information.

  • At the first option, you have to enter your Q-Link mobile number.
  • Reenter your Q-Link mobile number at the second

After providing your Q-Link mobile number, click on the blue Log In option!

QLink Login option on the mobile app

Forgot Username of Q-Link?

If you forgot the Login/Username of Q-Link online account and having trouble performing QLink login, those steps will help you:

  1. Go to the login page of Q-Link from your own device. Go here to get the login page of Q-Link online account as quickly as possible.
  2. So, now you will get the login page of Q-Link. This Login page includes 2 section, first one is ‘Account Login” and another one is ‘Forgot Your Login”. Use the second one to recover your account.
  • Select your date of birth.
  • Enter last 4 digits of your SSN(Social Security Number).
  • Include the ZIP Code of your area.

At the end click on Login.


Forgot Password of QLink?

Sometimes you may forget your secret password that was used at your Q-Link. So, don’t worry if you forgot the password and having big trouble to get access to y our Q-Link online account. Those steps will help you to recover your Q-Link account.

  1. Go to the Login page of Q-Link.
  2. After getting the login page, click on the Forgot your password? An option that is located at the bottom of the login box.

Qlink_Login 3. Here you will get some options, in those options you have to enter some personal information about you.

  • Enter your Email address that was associated with Q-Link
  • Add the Zip Code of your area.
  • At the last option, you have to enter 4 digits of your SSN(Social Security Number).


Click on the Reset Password option.

Then your password will get automatically reset your current Zip Code. You can call here(1-855-754-6543) for further help.

Last Words

So, that’s all we have arranged for Q Link login process for all devices. Furthermore, we have added all available device and platform where you can get secure access to your Q-Link online account.

If you have any question or problem regarding Q-Link account, feel free to comment here. If you liked Q-Link, then don’t forget to share with others and let them know. Unlike ATT, Q-Link is quite cheap and useful.

To sum up, keep your account safe-secure and always use a protected internet connection to reduce hacking.

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