How to Reactivate a Gmail Account

Reactivating your Gmail account may get complicated. Because when you delete your Gmail account, you only get two days to recover it. if you don’t do it, you will lose all of your account data and other information. The shocking fact is that, when you try to recover your Gmail account in the traditional way, you may get unable to recover your Gmail account. Because Google has changed their Login page layout. Here we will discuss all how to reactivate a Gmail account using a simple process.

You only have 2 days to recover your Account. After passing two days you won’t be able to recover your Gmail account

How to Reactivate a Gmail Account

Using this process, you can reactive your Gmail account on your Computer device or mobile devices like Android, iPhone or other smartphones. If you had deleted your Gmail account recently then just quickly follow this easy process.

Step 1: Firstly, just open any web browser on your device and go into Gmail.

Step 2: Then you will get this screen. Click on Submit button.

How to Reactivate a Gmail Account first sceen

Step 3: Enter your or others phone number at the first empty box. Then chose the method how you want to get the verification code(Text message/Voice Call). After that, just click on Continue button.

How to Reactivate a Gmail Account middle proccess

Step 4: Then you will get the verification code and click the Continue button.

How to Reactivate a Gmail Account verification procces

Note: If you see the message ‘This phone number has already been used too many times for verification’ then, you have to use another mobile number for verification. Try to use mobile numbers of others who you know(friends). You can also use alternative tools ways like,, Don’t forget to remove the phone number after verifying your account.

The Bottom Line

👉 You can’t recover an account that was deleted more than 2 days ago. It’s really too short period.
👉 After recovering your Gmail account will get all information and emails instantly.
👉 If your Gmail account gets deleted, then you won’t be able to create new Gmail account with the same

So, here’s how to reactivate a Gmail account. It’s the latest technique to reactivate your deleted Gmail account. This technique is only effective in next two days of Gmail account deletion process. So please be fast to use this method and recover your Gmail account. Once 2 days pass, your account gets deleted forever.

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  1. I don’t understand this at all. This has been very upsetting. I have never had such a problem with Google before.
    I spoke with one of your representatives by phone by the name of Tom. He was very rude and I could barely understand him. It was so upsetting.
    All of this is so confusing.

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