Realtek Card Reader Software – Should I Remove It?

Realtek Card Reader is a driver software that helps your computer device to complete any read/write operation with a Card Reader device.

This software is developed and published by Realtek Semiconductor Corporation.

Without Realtek Card Reader software, your computer device will not be able to read or write any data on any media cards of mobile, camera devices.

So, should you remove this program from your computer device?

We will find out the answer here.

Realtek Card Reader Software – Should I Remove It?

We will say no. The case, with Realtek Card Reader software, you can use any card reader device to read or write the date on media cards.

But when you delete this software from your computer device, your computer gets disabled at completing read/write operation with a card reader.

It’s an advantage for your computer to have a driver software like this. Especially when it comes to laptop device.

Realtek Card Reader won’t take a lot of space on your computer device.

The approximate size of the Software is 6.4 MB on your hard disc.

Should I Remove It?

User Behaviour about Uninstallling Realtek card reader

92% of 100% Sayed no.

If your Realtek Card Reader software gets backdated, then you should upgrade the driver but not delete it from the computer device.

To update your Realtek Card Reader Software go download page.

How to Uninstall Realtek Card Reader Software

All thought, we recommend you to not remover it, but if you want to uninstall this driver software, then you must this method.

Step 1: Open your computer device, then click on Start menu.

Step 2: Go to Control Panel.

Step 3: Click on Uninstall a Program option under Programs section.

Step 4: Find, Realtek Card Reader software from the list and right click on it.

Step 5: Select, Uninstall option and complete the process.

👉 In many computer devices, you will find this driver program installed by defaults. According to a research, the majority of the Realtek Card Reader users comes from Windows XP & 7 operated computer device.

Hope, this will help you to know about Realtek Card Reader software that wares on your computer device. So, don’t delete it without urgent need.

Lastly, the ultimate answer is no, when it comes to uninstalling it.

Because it will require your desktop or laptop to read any card reader.

About Realtek
URL of Realtek:
Help link of Realtek:
General Installation directory: C:\Program Files\Realtek\Realtek Card_Reader
Uninstaller program location: C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{EFC1B3CA-9B90-458D-AD7A-A0F2CD6F4A84}\setup.exe -runfromtemp -l0x0009 -removeonly
Memory Size: 6.4 MB
Deafult Language: English
Global Ranking: 15,185
Most Popular in: United States(43.91% Users)

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