How to Enable/Disable Realtek Digital Output

Generally, our computer device such as desktop and laptop devices uses Realtek Digital output system to work with HDMI or other optical output. It generates digital sound output to other external devices also. By default, Digital output system of a Computer device is enabled. But it can also get changed for any odd reason like system upgrade, Driver settings change and others. Here we will discuss all how to enable or disable Realtek Digital Output on your desktop or laptop device.

How to Enable/Disable Realtek Digital Output

Open up your computer device and enable your Realtek Digital Output system. Just use the following process.

Step 1: From your desktop, right click on the Speaker icon at the taskbar.

Step 2: Click on Playback devices from the menu.

Step 3: Here, just right click on Realtek digital output device.

Step 4: Now select Enable.

Step 5: Now enable click on Set Default and click OK.

If you want to disable your Realtek Digital Output system, then right click on Realtek Digital Output Device and Select Disable. That’s all!

The Bottom Line

👉 What is Realtek digital output used for? Realtek is used for generating digital audio output.
👉 Can we enable or disable Realtek digital output on windows 10? Yes, just follow the mentioned process.
👉 Realtek digital output is providing no sound? You should troubleshoot the problem first. Right click on Speaker icon and select ‘Troubleshoot sound problems’.
👉 How to use Realtek digital output? Just enable your Realtek digital output system on your computer.
👉 Realtek audio not working on Windows 7 or Windows 10? You should update your sound driver.

So, here’s how you can Disable or Enable Realtek digital output on your computer device. what you thought about enabling or disabling Realtek digital output system?




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