How To Register A Homemade Trailer In NY (New York State)

In New York, your homemade trailer must be registered or titled depending on its weight.

The process is very simple and easy, have the trailer weighed and inspected, go to the DMV and fill out the MV-272 form, pay the money, get the serial number.

Let me go through details on how to register and title a custom trailer.

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Prerequisite To Be Registered & Titled

Before registering or having the title for your trailer, it must fulfill a few criteria.

Note: Every trailer may not require registration. To know which type of vehicles not requiring registration, read here.

Equipment Requirements

Depending on where it will be used you may need to follow some rules and regulations.

If you use it on the highway in New York State, it must meet the equipment requirements criteria of Section 375 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. Also, it must pass a yearly safety inspection.

To know what are the requirements, read here MV-529C (Equipment Required for Trailers) or go to any DMV office to know the details.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Another important criterion is VIN, your trailer must have a VIN to be registered.

It depends on the unladen or unloaded weight of the trailer.


To measure the weight of the trailer, call your village or town officials to locate weigh scale. Then have the trailer weighed on a certified scale and get a weight slip.

Or, contact:
New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
Bureau of Weights and Measures
10B Airline Drive
Albany, NY 12235
(518) 457-3146
[email protected]

Take Trailer Photographs

Use a digital camera and take four photographs: front, rear and both sides of the completed vehicle.

Register A Homemade Trailer In NY

Step-1: Go to DMV office with original sales receipts for the materials & parts, weight slip, Sales Tax Clearance or Claim for Sales and Use Tax Exemption, form MV-272 (Vehicle Identification Number for Homemade Trailer) and form MV-82 (Vehicle Registration/Title Application) and identity for the registrant.

Step-2: Pay the registration fees.

It should be done. Hope this helped you to get registered or titled of your homemade trailer in NY.

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