How to Register a Homemade Trailer in Texas

In Texas, all trailer needs to be registered, except for farm trailers.

Even if your homemade trailers are operated on the highways, it’s mandatory to register it right away.

Not to mention, the registration process is different for each type of trailer.

All trailers will get categorized according to their gross weight.

However, here we will explain the full process on how to register a homemade trailer in Texas. So, stick with us.

Determine What Kinds of Trailer You Have

At first, you have to observe and understand what kind of trailer you have.

There are three types of trailers according to manufacturing & usage.

Here are some trailer categories that you may own.

Manufactured Trailers

If your trailers are manufactured by a company, then it’s a manufactured trailer.

Firstly, look at the tongue of your trailer.

Probably you would get the name of your trailer manufacturer name there.

Homemade Trailers

If you have built an entire trailer by yourself, then it would be a homemade trailer.

According to Texas DVM, Those kinds of trailers also required registration.

Follow the registration instruction and everything will be simple like before.

Farm Trailers

This type of trailer gets used for farming and related tasks only.

Most of the time, it gets used by farmers and ranchers to transport farming items.

You don’t need to register the farm trailer. Unless it’s more than 4,000 lbs in weight.

If you still can’t determine what kind of trailer you have, inspect it by an auto theft law enforcement officer.

Once you configured it’s your homemade trailer, just follow the registration process step by step.

How to Register a Homemade Trailer in Texas

If you have completed building your trailer, it’s time to register it.

Firstly, you have to measure your trailer gross weighs. You can assess your trailer weighs in a local car garage, body shops.

After getting the width of your homemade Trailer, use the registration process below.

If your Trailers is Under 4,000 lbs.

It’s not mandatory to register your homemade trailer if it’s under 4,000 lbs.

However, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles suggests you title your trailer and get VIN(Vehicle Identification Number).

The VIN would help you if it ever gets stolen.

Even it will help you to sell the trailer ownership easily.

If your Trailers is over 4,000 lbs.

All trailers over 4,000 lbs. weighs should get registered.

Here’s what you will need to register this type of Homemade trailer.

Step 1: Firstly, proof the ownership of your trailer.

If you have a newly built trailer, just complete the Statement of Fact (Form VTR-141) with proper information.

Note: In case you have a used homemade trailer, you have to collect the Title Certificate of your trailer.

Step 2: Fill up the Texas Certificate of Title (Form 130-U).

Step 3: Manage the Register application fee for your homemade trailer.

If you have completed those steps, just go to the nearest Texas country tax office.

Then all of your registration processes would get done properly.

However, if your trailer width exceeds 4,500 lbs, it has to pass through an annual safety inspection and verify the photograph and width certificate.

Contact Information of Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Use any of those numbers to get immediate help from officials.

The first one is for who lives in the USA. If you are outside of sates, the second one is for you.

In-state callers (512) 465-3000
Out-of-state callers (888) 368-4689


You should always contact your Texas DMV office for detailed information.

The rules and regulations might get changed anytime.

Therefore, once you complete the full registration steps, you are ready to use the trailer.

Also, it’s verified to operated on the highway road on Texas.

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    1. Brett: Call me stupid, but I found the Texas forms that the author references at My notice to register five cars and trucks, three motorcycles, and two trailers every year comes through the mail from some place calling itself the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. How did that happen, I wonder?

  1. Need help, I bought a homemade single axle boat trailer, I have a bill of sale and a document with info on the trailer, I took the trailer for inspection, but the officer stated the trailer look like it was manufactured, the person who build the trailer did a great job building it, that’s he line of work. What can I do.

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