How to Disable KMPlayer Ads (ALL Version)

Learn step by step with pictures about how to remove ads from KMPlayer.

This method works on all KMPlayer version new and old.

This guide will help you to stop kmplayer connecting to the internet, remove ads box on the side panel and remove KMPlayer ads from desktop.

After doing all those steps, you get a completely ads free KMPlayer.

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Nowadays it has a significant number of user worldwide and strong ratings and reviews.

I am also a KMPlayer user and love its all features, design, and customization.

In a word, KMPlayer has everything awesome except annoying ads box that has encountered annoying pop-ups of different ads other useless things like this.

Recently KMPlayer is getting more aggressive at showing ads.

So, this tutorial is for how to stop ads of KMPlayer on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 ; Mac computer or laptop.

Remove Ads box from KMPlayer ALL Version

Pop-up Ads are very annoying when you are trying to watch any video with KMPlayer.

Most of the people avoid KMPlayer for this bad experience.

If you don’t want any ads or suggestions on your kmplayer side box, then luckily you have the opportunity to remove all these annoying ads from KMPlayer permanently by using my simple tricks and you will enjoy your media watching from now.

Now I am going to tell you the procedure–

Block KMPlayer from Accessing the Internet?

Do you want to know, how to stop kmplayer connecting to the internet?
This method works by blocking KMPlayer from accessing the internet with the firewall.

So, KMPlayer can’t be able to load ads. By this way, you can block any program to access your computer internet connection.

Step-1: Open Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall to stop Kmplayer ads

Search for Windows Firewall and open it as shown in the above picture.

Step-2: Go to Advanced settings

Windows Firewall Advanced Settings to disable kmplayer ads box

On Windows Firewall tab, you will find the Advanced settings on left side.

Now click on Advanced settings to open it.

A new tab, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, will open.

Step-3: Go to Outbound Rules

Windows Firewall Outbound Rules

On the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security tab, you can see three boxes.

On left box, find the Outbound Rules and then click on it to open.

Step-4: Set A New Outbound Rules

New Outbound Rules

Under outbound rules, find the Actions box on right side.

In the actions box, click on New Rule… to set a new outbound rule.

New Outbound Rule Wizard tab will open.

Step-5: Select Rule Type

Outbound Rule Wizard

On New Outbound Rule Wizard tab, select program and then click on next button.

Step-6: Choose KMPlayer Application Location

Browse KMPlayer Location on PC

Now click on Browse button to choose the KMPlayer.exe file from Drive (C) >> Folder KMPlayer >> File KMPlayer.

kmplayer.exe pathway

Or you can directly paste the kmplayer.exe pathway %SystemDrive%\KMPlayer\KMPlayer.exe.

Then click on Next button.

kmplayer.exe pathway block

Step-7: Block the connection for KMPlayer

Block the connection for KMPlayer

Select Block the connection and then click on Next button.

Step-8: Check Connection Profile

block Domain, Private and Public network

Now check the Domain, Private and Public network and then click on Next button.

Step-9: Rule Name

rule name as KMPlayer

Enter rule name as KMPlayer or anything you want and then click on Finish button.

This will stop KMPlayer from accessing internet connection.

So, KMPlayer will not show any ads and also it will not update automatically.

By this way, you will get ads free KMPlayer for lifelong.

Stop KMPlayer Ads Box Side Panel

If the previous method didn’t work for you, then continue reading my article on how to disable kmplayer sidebar.

Step-1: Install Latest KMPlayer

Uninstall the old KMPlayer from your PC. Clean registry with ccleaner and then install the new one.

You can download it from here.

Step-2: Create index.htm Text File

Create index.htm Text File

Open your notepad, don’t need to write anything, just click on File that is on left corner of notepad bar.

Then click on Save As… Now name the file as index.htm (not index.htm.txt) and change the Save as type from Text Documents(*.txt) to All Files.

Finally click on Save.

Step-3: Move index.htm File to C:\KMPlayer\Logo\

Open File Explorer then go to C: drive >> KMPlayer >> Logo.

Now just move the index.htm file to Logo folder.

Disable KMPlayer Ads Box Sidebar

Video Tutorial to Disable KMPlayer Sidebar

If you don’t like the video tutorial or need more instructions, then follow the steps to disable kmplayer sidebar.

Step-1: Open your Internet Explorer browser

Search for internet explorer browser on your pc, then open your internet explorer browser.

Step-2: Click on Gear Icon of Your Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer gear icon

After opening internet explorer, look at the top right corner, you will find the gear icon just like above mentioned picture and click on the gear icon.

Step-3: Click on Internet Options

Internet Explorer internet options

In this picture you see a set of options, now you click on the Internet options.

A pop up window will open after clicking.

Step-3: Click on Security

internet explorer Security

Security option at the top of new window.

Step-4: To change security settings select Restricted sites zone.

Explorer Restricted sites zone

To select Restricted site you need to click on Restricted sites option that is shown in above picture and then click on Sites like this picture

Restrict kmplayer site

Step-5: Restrict the site


A new window will appear after click on sites. Write on the box and click on Add button.

Restrict kmplayer

Now close this window mentioned in above picture, just click on Close button.

block kmplayer ads

All done now click on OK button and close your internet explorer.

Conclusion: Block KMPlayer Ads

Now watch media on KMPlayer and enjoy ads free version lifelong.

Enjoy media (DVD, VCD, AVI, WMV, FLV, RealMedia, MKV, OGM, Ogg, MP4, 3GP, MPEG etc) on your favorite player on your windows and mac PC.

If you want to give me thanks then just comment and share my post.

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  1. Thanks a lot, now my brother will be happy because he loves this KMPlayer except those creepy ads, well, I’ve seen some bizarre stuff there too, glad that there won’t be any of those anymore 😛

    1. FIXED. Uninstall any version of Kmplayer first, Clean registry with something like ccleaner, Then install lateset version of Kmplayer. I used the index.htm method. Remember to make sure the file saves as htm not txt (icon should change to browser icon. I guess I should have read instructions slower!

  2. wats about that litle fakin windows in botton right windows opened with km ?! how to block it?! also kmplayer gone little laggy after doing these methods.

    1. Then please try again first one properly as I told. It works because after doing the first method, kmplayer will not be able to access internet. So no ads will show.


  3. ♥♥♥♥♥.¸•★`.¸•★`.¸¸.`★•¸.`★•¸.♥♥♥♥♥.¸•★`.¸•★`.¸¸.`★•¸.`★•¸.♥♥♥♥♥.¸•★`.¸•★`.¸¸.`★•¸.`★•¸.♥♥♥♥♥

    in new version of kmp dsnt works fine these methods..
    in new version you have a little ad-window which showups in the right bottom corner of screen. i dont find any solutions for that shit in the internet. THEN i had a modified that kmplayer registry setting keys and removing that shit completely ! so everyone’s who needs that just tell me.

  4. Felipe Siqueira

    The new update brings another adresses to block:
    Open the start menu, type internet options, enter, tab security, restricted sites, button sites, add this sites:

    Then you should create two emtpy files (you can do this with notepad) at C:kmplayerlogo
    You can use windows+r and type cmd
    echo >>C:KMPlayerLogoindex.htm
    echo >>C:KMPlayerLogotoastwindow.json
    ###you should edit your hosts file now, open the notepad and add this to the end of file:
    notepad C:Windowssystem32driversetchosts
    add this:

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