How to Remove GOM Player Advertisement | Disable Popup Ads

GOM player is the most popular video and Media Player. You can play any media formats by it. But when you open a video or media on it, at first ads are displayed on its screen. And after finishing of the media, advertisements are displayed again. Those are annoying and nobody like that ads though these are the money making process of GOM player’s company.
I’m using GOM player since its beginning and I love this player. But those ads irritate me every time I open it. I found a method to disable those pop up ads from Gom player and now I want to share it with you guys.

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Video Tutorial to Disable GOM Player Advertisement

If you don’t like the video tutorial or need more instructions, then continue reading my post on how to remove GOM player advertisement or popup ads.

Remove GOM Player Ads

Now get rid of gom player ads permanently. It so easy task, just follow my instruction to do that.

1. Open GOM Player.

2. After opening Gom player, you can see a gear icon named Preferences on the left side of top bar. Click on that gear icon to open Gom player preferences.


3. On preferences, click on Logo. Logo is under general option on preferences tab.

4. On Logo tab, you can see logo image list. Now just change the (Default Skin Logo) to gom.jpg or gom_orange.jpg.

5. You are done. Just close the tab and see the changes, all ads or popups are gone. If you don’t believe it, just colse the gom player and open it again, play any media.


This method is working on my side and hope that it will work for you to disable Gom player ads or popup. If you have face any problem, let me know by using comment section. Or you can tell me, if you know another method.

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