How to Root Allview V3 Viper

The Allview V3 Viper is a midrange smartphone Allview. Well, Allview is a company that produces lots of Android smartphone and Smartwatch! See them here. The Allview V3 Viper is a smartphone that runs on Android 8.0. That means you can root this smartphone to gain extra features. Here we will show you how to root Allview V3 Viper.

If you want to make your Android device smarter, you should root it. Because rooting unlocks many hidden features of your device. Just like you can use custom ROMs, rooted apps, modify your system and many awesome things. But you should root your phone in a verified way.

How to Root Allview V3 Viper Easily

Download Root Genius and open it. Now click on the root now button to root your device. That’s all. It’s a one-click root app that will root your device with a single click. You can also use KingoRoot, iRoot app as an alternative. If you those apps, you won’t lose your personal data. So, it’s not necessary to have a backup.

How to Root Allview V3 Viper in Advanced Way

In an advanced way, your data might bet removed. Also, if you do mistake it might harm your device. You must follow the procedure carefully. At first, charge your device around 80%. Then turn on the USB Debugging option. Make sure you have downloaded MTK USB drivers.

Step 1: At first, Download ADB and Fastboot tool and SuperSU on your computer.

Step 2: Then transfer the SuperSU file to your device’s internal storage.

Step 3: Now you have to boot your device into recovery mood. To do that, open command prompt and type ‘adb reboot recovery’. Wait, connect your device to the computer via USB cable. Now press Enter the execute the code.

use this code to reboot your Android device in recovery

Step 4: You devise you will reboot in Fastboot recovery mood. From the recovery menu tap on install. Then select the SuperSU file to install.

Step 5: Once you completed the installation, go back to the main menu. Now select System Reboot.

Step 6: Wait until your device boot into Android.

So, that’s how you should root Allview V3 Viper. It’s an authorized process that will root your device completely. To check if your device is rooted or not, download the Root Checker(Root Status) app on your Android. If your device is rooted that you will get a successful message.

Readme before leave:

  1. Your device should be bootloader unlocked to perform the rooting procedure.
  2. Please turn on USB debugging on Allview V3 Viper before connecting it to the computer.
  3. You will find the USB debugging option at the Developer mood of your device.
  4. The rooting procedure might void your device warranty.
  5. Flash: Want’s to flash your device? See the flashing process of Allview V3 Viper.

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