How to Root Meizu M6s

The Meizu M6s is the first released smartphone from Meizu in 2018. It’s an amazing phone with a fingerprint sensor, 5.7 inches display, 16 MP camera and more. Wants to get root permission on Meizu M6s? Well, you can do it very easy. We will show you the full detail to root Meizu M6s and get root permission.

Rooting gives you many extra features to customize your Android. It’s the ultimate solution to make your smartphone more versatile. By rooting your device, you can use custom ROMs, install rooted apps, boost up device’s speed and more. But rooting your device may cause lack of data security.

How to Root Meizu M6s

Rooting Meizu M6s is lots easier than other smartphones. Here we will use the built-in rooting system of Meizu M6s called Flyme. It’s totally safe and easy process.

Step 1: Open your device and go into Settings.

Step 2: Now tap on Flyme account under account section.

Step 3: If you have a Flyme account then log into it. If not, then register an account on Flyme.

Step 4: Then go back to Settings and click on Fingerprint & Security option.

Step 5: Now tap on Root Permission.

Step 6: Read the agreement and click on ‘Accept’ option. Then click OK.

Step 7: Your device will reboot.

That’s it, your phone has been rooted! To check if your Meizu M6s is rooted or not, use Root Checker(Root Status) app. It’s an easiest and safest way to root your Meizu M6s. It’s all become passable because of Meizu and Flyme account. So, pay respect to them.

Readme before leave:

  1. After rooting, go to Fingerprint & Security > Root Permission. Then you will see all apps that are using root permission on your device.
  2. Without logging into Flyme account, you won’t get the Root Permission option at Fingerprint & Security.
  3. You don’t have to use any additional software or boot your phone in the Fastboot mood to root your Meizu M6s.
  4. The rooting process might void the warranty.
  5. Flash: If you want to repair or update your Meizu M6s, then follow the flashing process.

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