How to Root Nokia 7 Plus

Root Nokia 7 Plus with some easy steps. Here we will talk about the advanced ways also. After rooting your device, you will get many extra options. Just like you can use custom ROMs, third-party apps, expand battery life of your device and more. So, follow our rooting process and root your device.

The Nokia 7 Plus is the latest phone from mobile giant Nokia. This smartphone has around 6 inches display, 12 + 13 MP Dual camera and more. It runs on Android 8(Orio) and that means you can root it. Be careful during the rooting process to avoid an accident.

How to Root Nokia 7 Plus in Easy Way

Firstly, download the Root Genius app. It’s a one-click rooting app that roots your device with a single click. Just open the app and press the Root button. You just have to wait for a little bit and that’s it. During the rooting process, you won’t lose any of your device data. It’s a safe method to root your Nokia 7 Plus. If you failed, then you can also use KingoRoot, iRoot or other apps.

How to Root Nokia 7 Plus in Advanced Way

Backup the personal data of your device. Charge your device around 80% or more. The advanced process is a bit difficult to follow. So, follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Download the latest leased version of SuperSU from the download page.

Step 2: Reboot Nokia 7 Plus in recovery mood. Press and hold the Vol down + Power button until you get the recovery screen.

Step 3: From the recovery menu, tap on Install. Now select the downloaded SuperSU zip file.

Step 4: Swipe to start the installation.

Step 5: Once completed, tap on ‘System Reboot’ option.

Wait for a little bit and your device will boot into Android. So, your Nokia 7 Plus is rooted successfully. To confirm it, open Root Checker(Root Status) app on your device. Check the root status and you will get the result in few seconds. However, the Nokia 7 Plus rooting process is based on the initial concept. Your feedback can make it better.

Readme before leave:

  1. Your device must be bootloader unlocked to root via the advanced process.
  2. Take a backup of your data before rooting your device.
  3. Power loss during the rooting process might damage your device permanently.
  4. The rooting process will void your device warranty.
  5. Flash: you can easily repair any damaged/bricked Nokia 7 Plus by flashing it. See the flashing process for Nokia 7 Plus.

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