How to Setup an Omegle Bot

Omegle is a popular chatting platform, especially among teenagers. At Omegle, you can chat with random strangers without revealing your identity. Even with a bot! In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup an Omegle Bot.

The best part is, you won’t get any information about the stranger who is chatting with you.

That’s why people use bots to have fun.

Omegle bots provide an automatic response to other Omegle users. It looks like a real person is chatting with you, but it’s an Omegle bot that provides an automated reply.

How to Setup an Omegle Bot

If you want to set up an Omegle Bot and have fun with a random stranger on Omegle then, you should follow this procedure.

Step 1: Go to official website of Python and download and install Python.

The download option of latest version of Phython on Windows 10

Step 2: Now go to Google Codes Download website and then download Pyomegle Updated on your computer.

the download option of Pyomegle

Step 3: Then open ‘Python Interpreter’ that is a script reading extension of Python.

Step 4: After that, just click and drag Pyomegle script files on ‘Python interpreter’. That’s it!

If you want to stop ‘Python Interpreter’ tool, then exit from it.

The Bottom Line

👉 To make Omegle bots, have to download the original files from official websites.

So, that’s the ideal process on how to set up an Omegle bot.

If you know Python language properly, you can also customize your Omegle bot easily.

However, when you finish making a bot, just try to have fun.

Don’t be spammy or overdo it.

You can create many kinds of bots using the mentioned process. Try it out yourself!


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