How to Share Audio on Skype

Skype is a popular messaging and video calling app from Microsoft. Here you can chat and video call with other users completely free using the app or web. Another feature of Skype, that is screen sharing. On this feature, you can share your computer screen with other Skype users. Generally, in screen sharing feature, other Skype user only hear the sound that comes from the microphone. But, sometimes it gets important to share audio that comes from your computer. Here we will show you, how to share audio on Skype.

How to Share Audio on Skype

To share the audio on Skype that comes from your Computer, you have to enable the ‘Stereo Mix’ option. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Firstly, right-click on the sound icon that is located in the taskbar.

right-click on the Windows sound icon

Step 2: Then select, Recording devices.

Select the recording device option from the appeared quick menu

Step 3: Right-click on ‘Stereo Mix’ option and click Enable.

Right click on the Stereo Mix and select Enable option

Note: If you don’t see any ‘Stereo Mix’ option, then right click on empty space and check in ‘Show Disabled Devices’ option.

Step 4: Close sound window and open Skype.

Step 5: Click on Tools option from the menu.

After opening the Skype application just click on Tools option from the menu

Step 6: Select Options.

Click on the option from the drop-down menu

Step 7: Go to Audio Settings.

Go into the Audio settings of skype

Step 8: Click on the drop-down option and select Stereo Mix from Audio settings.

Select the Stereo Mix from Skype

Step 9: Then click Save button.

press the skype seve button to save the changes

That’s all. Now you can share your computer device’s audio on Skype.

If Stereo Mix Is Messing

If you don’t get any option named Stereo Mix, then you should follow this process on your computer device.

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to Realtek Download page.

Step 2: Click on High Definition Audio Codecs (Software) option.

How to Share Audio on Skype driver download option

Step 3: Check in I accept to the above option and click on Next button.

How to Share Audio on Skype accept and next option

Step 4: Now, if your computing device is 32 bits, then click on first ‘Global’ option. Or if your computer is 64 bit, then click on second ‘Global’ option.

How to Share Audio on Skype global download option

Step 5: Download and install the driver. Then restart your computer

Now you should get the Stereo Mix option. If you still couldn’t find the Stereo Mix, then your sound card might not support it. However, don’t lose hope, keep trying.

The Bottom Line

You should look for the latest version of Skype application. It supports audio sharing or you can also use an axillary cable to solve this problem.
The mentioned process can be followed on any Windows 10 operated computer device.
If the Sound Share system isn’t working, you can update your Skype application and sound driver.

Hope, you have got everything about how to share audio on Skype. It’s a sensitive topic and you should follow every step with care on your computer. If you have any kind of sound issues on your computer device, then it’s better to update your sound driver.

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