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Therap is an organization that provides CRM(Customer Relation Management) software and services to the agencies or people that are working for Disabilities industry. Also, they are leading provider of electronic record and documentation services. Therap helps those agencies to maintain their workflow and make their system stronger. See the Therap login process to get access to your online account easily.

Therap also synchronizes with home and community-based agencies of Disabilities industry. Therap has a bunch of high-tech products and services and their mission is to facilitate those agencies that are working with Developmental Disabilities. According to Therap, more than 1,800 organizations are using Therap service and products.

Therap Login Process

Therap provides a web-based service for their clients/organizations. They have also an online account that is created for customer/clients of Therap. This online account is quite available to use any smart device. You can use computer or mobile device to get into your Therap online account. An online account can help you in many ways.

Therap Login on Computer

PC(Personal Computer) users should follow this method. Here you have to get a working internet connection. Then you need to use an updated web browser. That’s all, just memorize your Therap online account information correctly and start the login process.

Step 1: Firstly, check your internet connection and then open your web browser. Then just copy and paste this web address: It’s URL of official Therap online account login page.

Step 2: At the next step, you have to provide your Therap online account information at the login page. Here you will see three examples options. AT the first one, you have to provide your Login Name of Therap online account. Enter your Password and another secret code named Provider Code. Then just click on the Login option to get into your Therap online account.

Therap Login

Therap Login on Mobile Device

In a smartphone, you can use the internet connection and web browser. Using internet connection and web browser you can get you Therap online account security.

Step 1: Open your mobile internet browser. Then you have to go to the login page of Therap online account.

Step 2: Now you have to provide your Therap online account Login Name at the first option. Then you have to use your account Password at the next option. In the end, write your Provided Code at the last option and click on the Login option.

Therap Login

Therap Login on Mobile App

Mobile App is also available for a customer of Therap. It’s only viable for the Therap online account holder. In this mobile app, you will get your Therap online account and other information also. At this Therap mobile app Mobile T-Log, Mobile ISP Data and Mobile MAR are also available for your needs.

Step 1: Go to the App Store and download Therap mobile app.

Download Therap Mobile App from Google Play

Download Therap Mobile App from Apple Store

Step 2: Then open the mobile app and you will see the colorful login page of Therap online account. So, use your Therap online account Login Name, Password and Provided Code one by one. After providing your information check for last time if your information is correct. If it’s ok, then click on the Login option.

Therap Login

Therap Forgot Password/ Provider Code

If you were forgotten or lost your Therap online account Password or Provider Code, regarding password, have to contact to Administrator of your Agency. Contact with your agency supervisor or co-worker to get your Provider Code. For some security reasons, users are not allowed to reset the password.

Last Lines

Here’s all you need to know about Therap and their online account system. Hope you have got the main meaning. If you still have any confusion or problem about Therap online account you can submit in the comment section. You can also give your review about Therap and your experience at Therap.

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