How to Turn on Gas Fireplace with Wall Switch

A fireplace is a place where we burn woods to get wormer feeling and heat our house. But, now there’s also an available gas fireplace. It works with a gas connection and very easy to use. In many terms, it’s better than a traditional fireplace. The wall switch also makes it easy to navigate. Here we will explain the full process on how to turn on gas fireplace with a wall switch.

How to Turn on Gas Fireplace with Wall Switch

To turn on your new Gas fireplace with wall switch, you can use those steps serially. Also, make sure that you follow every step with proper care.

Step 1: Collect the Manual

Every Gas fireplace comes with its user manual. You would get a free copy of manual with your fireplace. You should read the full manual carefully, before adjusting your fireplace. If you are unable to get a manual copy, then check the fireplace model and get it from online.

You can also get important information at the back side of the control panel cover. It would be harmful if you toggle your gas fireplace options.

Step 2: Find the Control Panel of Gas Fireplace

Generally, the Gas fireplace has a control panel on it. The control panel helps users to manually control and manage the gas on your fireplace. Just locate the control panel that is attached to your Gas fireplace body. Most of the time, control panel set hidden by a cover. Just open the cover of the control panel.

Step 3: Turn the Knob off

If you have found the control panel of the Gas fireplace, probably you would a knob. At the body of the knob, you will get Pilot, On and Off written on it. Once you get it, rotate it to set the knob off. Then wait for at least 5 or 6 minutes to let remaining gas out.

Open all available doors and windows for better ventilation. But if you still getting the weird smell, you must leave the house and contact with your gas provider or call fire service.

Step 4: Open the Supply Valve

Locate the supply valve that is attached to the gas live. Generally, it gets colored in red or blue. When you got it, just twist the supply valve until it gets parallel to the gas line. It opens the path to enter the gas into the fireplace. You can also control gas supply by adjusting the supply valve according to the situation.

Step 5: Rotate the Knob to Pilot

If you are ready to ignite the fire pilot lite, rotate the knob to the Pilot position. This will let you get the flame(pilot light) that lets the fireplace to produce fire.

Step 6: Tap the control knob and ignition button

Now place your finger to the center of the knob. Press the control knob hard. Parallelly, place another finger on ignition button of your fireplace. Keep pressing those buttons until you see the pilot light.

If you don’t see any pilot light try the same after 5 minutes. If It’s not working, repeat the entire process again. In case you are failing consistently, check for any ignition problems or call a professional to fix it.

Step 7: Hold the control knob for up to 30 seconds

Once you see the pilot light, keep the control knob pressed with your finger. Generally, you may have to press the control knob for 30 seconds and more. This action is important to keep the flame alive on your gas fireplace.

Step 8: Turn the control knob to On position

If everything was done correctly, twist the control knob to On position. This step makes sure that the pilot light stays up forever.

Step 9: Turn on your Gas fireplace unit

Now you can turn on Gas Fireplace with wall switch on its wall. Or you can use the remote control to turn it on.

Last Lines

When you are done with configuring the gas fireplace, don’t forget to place the cover on the control panel. Now you can enjoy your gas fireplace. However, the process is not safe for all gas fireplace set. So, make sure that you have collected the manual.

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