How to Use Exponents in Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet software made by Microsoft. But in many cases, you might have to use exponents on your Excel sheet. As we know, in Excel we have to use a formula to do everything. Thus, you must also use a formula to use exponents in Microsoft Excel. See the full implementation on, how to use exponent in Excel.

How to Use Exponents in Excel

You can use exponents in Excel with tow formulas. Generally speaking, not that hard, to use exponents in Excel. In addition, it’s quite easy with those tow formulas. Here we will explain both once, for you.

Formula 1

Here we will use the base^power formula in Microsoft Excel. It will give your expected results according to your exponent. Simply open a file in Excel and follow the instruction.

Step 1: First of all, type = sign on your keyboard.

Note: Every Excel formula starts with = sign.

Step 2: Now Type your base number. (Ex. In 52, the base number is 5)

Step 3: After your base number, type ^ without any space.

Step 4: Finally, type your exponent number. (Ex. In 52, the exponent is 2)

At the end press Enter.

use exponent formula 1


Formula 2

In another way, you can use this formula.

Step 1: At the beginning, type the POWER.

Step 2: Then add parentheses- () without any space.

Step 3:  In between parentheses, type the base and exponent separated with come.

Example: If your base is 5 and exponent is 2, then it will probably look like this: =POWER(5,2).

use exponent formula 2

How to Write Exponents in Excel

Wants to write Exponents in Excel? Here is the full procedure to write exponents in Excel.

Step 1: Type your base number and exponent without space.

base and exponent

Step 2: Select your exponent number with the mouse.

select exponent number 2

Step 3: Click on the expand icon in Font section.

expand icon

Step 4: At the end, check into ‘Superscript’ option. Press Ok button. That’s all!

enable superscript option

Last Word

commentSo, here’s how you can use exponent in Microsoft Excel(as mentioned above). However,  the exponent will make any equation more easy in Excel. You can use formula or another way, it’s your chose. Both give the same result. If the results go wrong, then it’s probably your formulas fault. Check your formula and try again.


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