How to Use Lenovo Downloader Tool

Lenovo Downloader is an application that lets you flash stock ROMs on Lenovo Qualcomm devices. It also lets you flash other Qualcomm android devices also. It’s an easy tool and almost anyone can use it. However, here we will show you how to use Lenovo Downloader Tool.

How to Use Lenovo Downloader Tool

Take a backup of your all personal data. Because Lenovo Downloader will clear all local data on your device. Make sure that you have Qualcomm USB drivers installed on your computer. Charge your device up to 30% and start the process.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Lenovo Downloader tool on your device.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file. Open the file and run the QcomDLoader.exe as administrator.

right click on it and select run as administrator

Step 3: Now click on the Load button on the Lenovo Downloader application.

click on the build button

Step 4: Select the Firmware file for your Android device and click OK.

load the firmware file for your device

Step 5: Click on the Start button. Now, turn off your device and connect it to the computer while pressing the Vol up + Vol down key.

click on the start button

Step 6: Once your device gets recognized by Lenovo Downloader, it will start flashing automatically. After completing the flashing process, you will see the ‘Passed’ message in the Progress bar.

you will get this message on progress bar

So, that’s how you can flash your Qualcomm Android device using Lenovo Downloader. Now unplug your device and turn on. Check if everything is working properly or not.

Readme before leave:

  1. Backup is the first thing about flashing. You will lose all of your local data if you flash your device. Take a backup before you flash your device.
  2. Lenovo Downloader works on almost any Qualcomm device. So, you can also use it on other Android devices than Lenovo.
  3. The creator of Lenovo Downloader is Wingtech Shanghai Inc.

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