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Wattpad is an online platform and community, especially for writers and readers. Wattpad is equally famous to both parts of visitors. Today I will show you the full process of Wattpad login with step-by-step instruction.

In the Wattpad you can write any fantastic story, biography, article poem or others by yourself. You can build your audience at Wattpad by showing your writing talent. But at first, you have to get logged in using Wattapd login process.

On the other side, Wattpad is also a great place for book lovers and other content readers. They can browse tons of books at Wattpad according to the category. So, it’s all about readers and writers.

Wattpad Login Process

To write or publish your content and read other’s stories, you have to get logged into Wattpad online account. You can get access to any computer, mobile device or mobile app.

We will feature the Wattpad login process for all kinds of users!

Wattpad Login on Computer

To user Wattpad on the computer, you have to ensure that, you have properly working internet connection on your device.

If you login to Wattpad, you will get a big world of Book and book lovers community. Also, you can chat with other book lovers from all around the world from your account.

Step 1: Firstly, if you have managed the internet connection on the computer device, then open your web browser and try to search for Wattpad, or go to the Wattapad login page.

Step 2: After getting the colorful login page of Wattpad you should,

  • Enter the Username or Email address that was used at Wattpad online account of yours.
  • Input the right form of your password. Be aware of Caps lock.

If you have entered that informant, cheek again. If it’s right? Click on the Login option.

Wattpad Login

Note: You can use your Facebook and Google account to get logged into your Wattpad account. Just click on of the Continue option.

Wattpad Login

Wattpad Login on Mobile Device

The mobile device is the best device for book lovers. Mobile devices are portable and you can carry it anywhere. If you get logged into your Wattpad online account, then you can carry a big bunch of books on your mobile device. So, just start login!

Step 1: At first you have to configure the internet connection in the network section of your mobile device. If you have succeeded to build an intent conneci9ont, then open your web browser. Then search for Wattpad login or go into the official website(https://www.wattpad.com/login).

Step 2: Here will come the login page of Watt and online account. You will get a couple of blank options on the screen. So, just enter your Username or Email address that are part of your Wattpad online account. Then just include the correct password do your Wattpad online account and click on the Login option.

Wattpad Login

Note: You can also get access to Wattpad by clicking one of those options. If you want to get log in using your Facebook account then use the first option, if Google account then selects the second one.

Wattpad Login

Wattpad Login on App

Great news, mobile device users. You can also get access to your Wattpad online account from a special mobile app of Wattpad. It’s named as, Wattpad 📖 Free Books! You can get all available features Wattpad from this mobile app. Read, write Share and have fun with Wattpad Mobile app.

Step 1: Download the Wattpad App from your Platform’s App Store.

Download Wattpad App from Google PlayApple Store or Windows Store

Step 2: If you have completed the process of downloading and installing, then just open it on your mobile device. Then login page of Wattpad App will open. Here you have to use all account credentials of your Wattpad online account.

  • User the Username of your Wattpad account or use an Email address that was associated with Wattpad.
  • Put the correct password at the next blank option on the screen.

If you have provided that information correctly then click on the Login option to get into the Wattpad mobile app.

Wattpad Login

Wattpad Forgot Password

You might for your Wattpad online account password and that’s not a big matter. Relax and just follow the recovery process of Wattpad online account.

Step 1: Go to the login page of Wattpad online account. You can image the login page by clicking the provided address.

Step 2: If you got the login page, hit on the marked Forgot password?.

Wattpad Login

Step 3: Now you have to enter the Email address that is currently using your Wattpad online account. Then click on Send Instructions option.

Wattpad Login

If everything was right, then Wattpad will Email you the instruction of seeing Wattpad account password.

Last Lines

So, here is the best platform for book readers and writers, Wattpad.

If you want more stuff about books and readers, you can comment your right here. And also, if you have any question or problem about Wattpad login, don’t forget to include it. Share Wattpad, if you liked it!

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