Wells Fargo Loan Tracker

To make easy the whole Mortgage/loan process, Wells Fargo introduce a software-based service that is called yourLoanTracker. The main mission of yourLoanTracker is to simplify the process of Loan/Mortgage as much as possible. Here we will discuss in detail about Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Loan Tracker service.

At any loan or mortgage process, there are lots of things to do. First, select the mortgage/loans plan that you can afford. Apply for selected loans by sending loan request. Then synchronize your all information and legal documents with a consultant. Also, you have to verify your information’s. Verify your loan application. You need to know about your closing money, interest rate, monthly payment. Then you have to complete the closing by paying all costs. But the Wells Fargo Lean Tracker made all process so easy.

What is Wells Fargo Loan Tracker?

Wells Fargo Loan Tracker is a software-based online service that helps Mortgage/loan applicant and customer to manage their loan plan. The user can easily get loan process information. The customer can upload their important documents and contact with their home mortgage consultant any time they want.

Wells Fargo Loan Tracker also lets the customer get alerted on disclosure, to-do list, and next step information. Overall, it’s a brilliant idea to be with Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Loan Tracker.

Wells Fargo Loan Tracker Benefits

Wells Fargo Load Tracker(yourLoanTrackerwill help you from the begging to ending process of Mortgage and Loans. Some mentionable benefits of yourLoanTracker software service.

  • Provide you the real-time update of your mortgage and loan process.
  • Update on your current status regularly.
  • Upload documents securely using internet(eUpload).
  • You can get your all necessary documents, disclosure direct from your consultancy with full security using the internet (eDelivery). You will get a confirmation notification after receiving it.
  • Collaborate and contact your Wells Fargo Consultant team anytime.
  • Technical support whenever you want.
  • Text alert for every steps and milestone you completed in mortgage/loan process.
  • Get to-do list for current step and next step.
  • Review your papers over online.
  • Send Documents using your phone camera.

How Wells Fargo Loan Tracker Helps You?

Every loan or mortgage plan needs a complete process. An applicant must go through those critical processes to get their mortgage and loan closed. There are lots of things to do between those process. Wells Fargo Loan Tracker(yourLoanTracker) will help you in every process of mortgage and loan.

  1. Completing Mortgage/Loan application: Wells Fargo Loan Tracker will help you to get the confirmation disclosure of your application using the internet within few minutes. The disclosure confirmation screen also displays detail information about your chosen loan. You don’t have to wait for the mail that takes lots of time to reach you.
  1. Financial Property Review: You will get notified on the very special occasion. Wells Fargo Loan Tracker will provide you the current status of your application process. You will also get notified if you need to do anything.
  1. Preparing for Close: 3 days before of your closing date, Wells Fargo Loan Tracker will send you closing delouser. You will also see here, the rate of interest, monthly payment, money that you need for closing.
  1. Final Closing: You will get informed about Closing process and information before it starts.

You have seen that how Wells Fargo Loan Tracker helps mortgage/loan applicant through the whole process? It will also help you after you complete the loan process. You can manage your loan account and other accounts also on it. But for that, you have to get logged into the online account of Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Loan Tracker Features

Here we are highlighting some major features of Wells Fargo yourLoanTracker that helps all kind of loan and Mortgage customer.


Wells Fargo Loan Tracker provides a visual bar. Here the customer can see their loan application process over the online account. Customer will also get detail information about the current level of the loan process.

On Wells Fargo Load Tracker you can monitor your load process progress

Your To-Do List

Customer will get a complete to-do list for the current step. You can also see to-do list of next steps. The list is included with extra guidance and due dates.

Check your to do list and complete those task based on your current load process level.

Upload Required Documents

Another feature of Wells Fargo Loan Tracker is that you can upload and send your legal important Documents(PDF) over the internet. You can also scan paper or take a photo of your documents and send it through Wells Fargo Loan Tracker.

You can easily upload files on Wells Fargo Load tracker

Review legal Documents

Sometimes you may need to review your documents. But alternative ways are difficult and less secure. But at Wells Fargo Loan Tracker, you can review your legal documents completely online with more secure way!

Sign Documents over Online

In personal loan and line of credits, the customer can make signature electrically via Wells Fargo Loan Tracker.

Important Contact and Resources

At Wells Fargo Loan Tracker, you can find all important contact number, Email addresses, mail and other information also. There are lots of resources that will help you with your loan plan.

Important contact and resources on Wells Fargo Load Tracker

How to get Wells Fargo Loan Tracker

To get all services and options of Wells Fargo Loan Tracker, you have to get signed on to it. If you want to get signed on, follow this process.

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to Wells Fargo Application login page.

Step 2: Select any one option to get Singed on at Wells Fargo Loan Tracker.

Select any of those two option to get signed on your Wells Fargo load tracker service

Step 3: If you have Wells Fargo online banking account, then select the first one and do this,

  • Put your Wells Fargo online banking Username at the first box.
  • Write your Password with the correct case at the second box.
  • Click the Sign On option.

use your wells fargo online banking account credentials to get access to wells fargo load tracker

If you want to get signed on by using your Access Code (that was sent to your Email when your loan application was submitted), select second option.

  • At the first box, put your Access Code(that was sent to your Email when your loan application was submitted).
  • Write your Last Name that was used in your application.
  • Enter Your registered date of birth in this format – MM/DD/YY.
  • Input last 4-digits of your Social Security Number(SSN).
  • Press the red Sign On button.

Put alternative informations of your wells fargo load account to get access to Wells Fargo Load Tracker service

Last Lines

Wells Fargo Loan Tracker(yourLoanTracker) may do not seem trendy or high tech, but it is simple and very helpful for almost every load customer. That’s true Wells Fargo Loan Tracker has some lacking in few options, and Wells Fargo team are trying to adding those required options. However, this tool will surely help you to reach the closing of your loan or mortgage plan.

Unfortunately, this service is available only for Wells Fargo loan customers.

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