What Is the Size for a Tumblr Icon or Profile?

Tumblr is a social media website and you can share anything on it. It is a bit different from other social media sites. It lets you edit your own page with different themes. Your profile picture size is also get resized according to your theme. But there’s an ideal size for your Tumblr icon or profile. Here we will explain, what Is the Size for a Tumblr Icon or Profile.

What Is the ideal size for a Tumblr Icon or Profile?

At Tumblr, your published content will get displayed with your avatar picture. Your icon/avatar also get effected upon your chosen theme.

Usually tumblr sets a default icon on your profile. You can easily change it from customize or edit appearance.

Now, what is the perfect dimensions or how big can it be? The minimum icon size should be 64 x 64 pixels. But the ideal dimensions for your Tumblr icon or profile is 128 x 128 pixels. But I prefer 512×512 pixels for my tumblr avatar for better quality.

It’s better to recheck your profile photo with your current theme. The more your picture resolution is, the more it will look best with large screens and higher resolution themes.

So, you should upload your Tumblr icon at least 64×64 pixels. But you can use higher resolution for better look in big screen.

Tumblr Profile Photo or avatar size

Your Tumblr icon will mainly get displayed on your profile page. But it will also get shown on the users feed in 64 x 64 pixels size.

How to Create Tumblr Avatar / Icon / Profile?

Firstly, you can use your own photo as tumblr icon. Just resize it by using any photo editing software and upload to your profile.

But if you use tumblr for business purpose, you can create icon using any icon maker. I usually prefer canva and gimp for my social media photos.

Canva is one of the best for making tumblr icon. They have thousand of design suitable for any type of logo, social media profile, poster, cover, icon etc. You can easily sign up with you email or Facebook or Google account. They have both free and premium plan. Just sign up there and start making your tumblr avatar by clicking on “Create a design”.

Gimp is another great software and it totally free. You can easily create any type of design. I use it often to create my social media profile and cover photos.

Last Words

👉 You must upload your Tumblr profile photo in minimum 64 x 64 pixels.
👉 Higher resolution photo will ensure that your profile photo will look good on wide screens like desktops.

commentHowever, we have told you the ideal size, but you can also use a bigger picture as Tumblr profile image. The maximum size of your Tumblr Profile image is considered according to your theme. If you are having problems in reshaping your photos, then you can use Landscape. It’s a free online tool that will automatically reshape your photo for several social media.




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