ZabaSearch Advanced Free People Search, Reverse Phone Number Lookup, Address Lookup

ZabaSearch is a free tool for finding people and public information.

It is an advanced search Engine for USA people.

You can search people by name and ordered them by all 50 US States.

You can also search people by their phone numbers.

How to Use ZabaSearch to Find Someone by Name and State

# Go to

# You will see People Search by Name box, enter name of the person your looking for into the box.

# Click on All 50 States option and select the State where he / she lives.

# Finally hit the Search button.

How to Use ZabaSearch to Find Someone by Phone Number

# Enter phone number into the Search by Phone Number box.

# Hit the Search button to find you desired one.

ZabaSearch Advanced Search for Common Names

# First of all, go to advanced search page here.

# Enter First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, City/Town (if you enter a city or town, you need to select the state), State sequentially and hit on ZabaSearch Free People Search button to find a specific people.

How to Use ZabaSearch Reverse Phone Lookup

This is nothing but find people by using phone number.

Just Go to here, enter phone number into the Reverse Phone Lookup box and hit search button.

How to Use ZabaSearch White Pages

This is also worked in similar fashion as mentioned above.

Just go to here, Enter a Full Name, select State if you know that and hit search button.

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  1. Zabasearch is one of the best people search engines which finds information on people including their names, addresses, phone numbers and birth year. Zabasearch premium is a free premium version of the people search engine which is open for every person who is using a Facebook account with zabasearch.

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